Gifts Mailed

Recently, I finished up the jewelry art gifts for my Aunt Esther. If you recall, she is 103 years old and lives in an assisted living home in Iowa.

I was originally trying to decide whether to do a craft show in early December or not. Instead, I got the idea to make her and her friends gifts.

Today I got them mailed and thought I’d share how they turned out. The Christmas ornaments are actually from last Christmas’ craft fair, but everything I made in the last few weeks or so.

gifts I made to send to Iowa
gifts I made for my aunt and her friends in Iowa

Altogether I had 31 gifts. I wasn’t sure quite how many residents there are, so I enclosed 2 purses I bought that a friend made and a crocheted purse I bought on Etsy. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that I sent enough.

The box is supposed to arrive in Iowa on Tuesday. Esther has no idea it’s coming. My, how I wish I could see her open it. What fun!

Hope you are all doing well.




    • Hello sweet one. 💕 What wonderful things to say, thank you. I’ve thought about you and wondered how you’re doing. I’ve been just this side of complete writer’s block. Whew! I remember that piece you did about your dad and fishing and how you and your brother chose his clothes… ❤️ This first holiday is a doozy without my momma. Just even thinking of her starts the waterworks. She loved Christmas. I’m so happy I got the idea to send these gifts. A bit of joyous. I went to the craft store today and I’m going to make more gifts. Spoil somebody else a little. Hope you are doing great. 💕❤️🎄

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      • Good morning, Jessica. You are so very kind. I am doing well. Thank you with all my heart. I hope that you are too – holidays without those we love are difficult, yes. Time has softened the grief over losing my dad, but I still miss him very much, especially during the holidays. I appreciate that you read and remember the pieces that feature my dad. 🙏🏻 Writing offers healing and a connection to memories. And I don’t have to tell you… doing for others also helps ease the pain. Sending you hugs and holiday wishes. 🤗💞


    • Hello sweet one. Thank you so much. (Your comment was in Trash again!!) I apologize that I haven’t emailed- our internet is sooooooo slow that I can’t get the desktop open to even look at emails. Seriously, worse than dial up internet… I mailed your box. AS GIFTS. ❤️ Took me over a month- please accept them as gifts. There’s also another small gift in the box. I wrote a note, too.


        • You’re welcome! Me, too. I miss chatting. Maybe after the holidays we can do that skirt challenge? You’ll definitely win, I haven’t sewn at all, but I’d love to.


          • Well sure but not a challenge, maybe I can just walk you thru what I’ve learned about the ruffle wrap skirt, to bring you up to speed!


            • Yes, this was in spam… Sure that would be great. At one point, I remember we talked about how it could be a challenge, but not a competition. I would like to learn to sew again. Oh, gosh, I still haven’t emailed you my drawings. Girl, it’s been, well, it’s been. See emails. ha


    • Hey girl. ❤️ How are you? I have not been writing much- this 1st Christmas without my momma is tough. Hope you’re doing great. I saw your last (maybe) piece, I love it. When I saw it, it looked like a busy city street at night with all the lights. Thank you so much. I love the jewelry that went in them. Especially the little praying angel. 💕


    • Hi pen pal!! I’m behind on writing. Thank you for your last letter. Thank you very much. I think she will be very surprised to get a big box and then to open it and see the note. I had wanted to wrap them all individually… but, didn’t get that done. So, I laid out layers on tissue paper, so I think it will be fun to peel back layers and see what’s under there. Ok, deal. They’re supposed to get there soon, I’ll call her and see what she says. Thank you. Hope you are doing great.

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    • Hi!! My, I’ve missed blogging with you. I’ve been having a hard time without my momma with all of this holiday business. Writing went out the window… thank you so much. I hope they like them. It’s such a wonderful home. In the front gathering area there’s a puzzle doing desk, couches, a piano, and a big birdcage with like 30 tiny birds singing and flying in it. Very cheery. Hope your holidays are going great.


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