Art Stopped

Boy, it’s been forever since I’ve written on here and I don’t even know that I have much to say. But, I figure, I’ll give it a go.

The first weekend in January, we made the eight hour trek to see my dad for Christmas. We didn’t get to go on Christmas Day because of snowstorms.

Came home, living as normal. Then, on January 11, very suddenly I got super dizzy. The kind where you’re like, “uh oh.” I fell, hit my face, and got pretty darn hurt.

Two big goose egg bruises, a fractured nose, scrapes, cuts, a fat lip, and whiplash like you would not believe. Oh, and two black eyes…

It’s been a long recovery. Many, many weeks of three day a week chiropractor appointments, bone pain, headaches, you name it. I also had a doctor appointment and figured out why it happened.

Somewhere in the midst of that, I was trying to get my Etsy shop open by my momma’s pass away date. Didn’t happen.

But, I am hopeful!

I did start the shop process, but hit a road bump with having to physically heal for three months.

As of now, art stopped.

A friend of mine says that grief isn’t linear and I’ve learned in the last three months that neither is life. We can just be cruising along, getting through the days, then bam, an unplanned detour…

Hoping to get back to making art again soon since I’m healing up nicely now. My chiropractic visits are less and I’m bowling pretty decent again. We even went hiking on Saturday, so I thought I’d show you a photograph.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you’re doing well!


©️ COPYRIGHT 2023 Jeweled Again by Jessica

©️ COPYRIGHT 2023 Jessica Adam words and photograph by me

April 8, 2023 went hiking with my kiddo


  1. Awwww girl, I didn’t know. I’m glad you are feeling better. Prayers for you! Grief is just hard and so different for each of us. I still have moments of missing my Grandma( who was like my mom to me), so much it takes my breath away. Love you and see you soon!


  2. Oh, my goodness! I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with all of that, but I’m glad you’re on the mend. And, your friend is correct – grief is definitely not linear. It likes to sucker punch you out of the blue at times. Big hugs to you!

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  3. Jessica, I am so sorry to read about your fall – glad you are healing. I fainted a few years ago after giving blood. Scary stuff! Your art will be there when you are ready, and it will be better than ever!

    “…grief isn’t linear” ~ I was thinking the same thing the other day, when a wave of missing my dad hit me out of the blue. Grief is unpredictable. Hugs to you! 💗

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    • Yes!!! Fainted! Eeks. Not a fun adventure! And, I’ll agree with the scary part. I couldn’t even talk about it much before because I’d see it all over again. Time heals, I suppose. Wow- thank you, better than ever is generous. ❤️

      ‘Grief is unpredictable’ agreeeeeeeee. Love what you said about the wave. Such a perfect description of my last year. And, in the ocean, some waves are gentle and others are roaring. 💗 Hugs for your dad.

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your fall, been there and done that, not fun. I hope you are feeling better and soon you will get back into creating fun stuff! Keep enjoying nature and taking more gorgeous photos!

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    • Hi! Oh gosh, you have??? Because this stinksssssssssss!! I’m sorry you’ve been through it, too! I usually twist my ankle in the yard and fall and on the way down think ‘ahhhh crap’ but land in grass and never face first… this time was a whole new thing. Luckily my doctor suggested chiropractic right away! I hadn’t even considered it because of the whiplash. So thankful for that gold nugget! Probably why I’m doing so well. ❤️ Thanks so much for being here. Your positivity makes me want to spread art all over this big beautiful world! (That just fell out! Intuition/ heart talking here, sister! 💜❤️) Thanks for saying ‘gorgeous photos.’ Very kind!

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    • That’s true. All in good time, they say. Thank you. I’m thankful for having most of that behind me now. I didn’t mention it here or on my other blog- not sure why I suddenly got the notion to last night. Ha ha.

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  5. I’ve been wondering where you were so it is good to hear the update. I am so sorry to hear about the fall but glad you are on the mend. It does take a while to recover from something like that, but that beautiful scene with the sunlight breaking through the trees is stunning and surely must have been a glorious view.

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    • Hi. Whew, it has been a road!!! So thankful for cells that regenerate and bruises that mend. Definitely a setback, but manageable. Thank goodness. Winter looks to be behind us now! I’m ready to get our pool open and enjoy some days swimming and things. Trees are all blooming here. Lovely outside.

      Yes! The sunlight there in those trees was amazing. That was our 2nd time to that place. It’s called Lon Sanders Canyon Conservation Area and is about an hour north of us! The place is amazing! A hike upstream took us to that waterfall. Downstream leads to giant rocks and the water is so clear. It looks like Colorado is tucked right into Missouri. Gorgeous place.

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  6. Oh, Jessica – I’m sorry you got hurt! I didn’t know, but I am glad you are on the mend. I’ll add you to my daily prayer list. You may not have been creating jewelry art, but that picture you took on the hike… that is art! Beautiful!


    • Betty, you sure know how to say the right things- thank you so much for what you said about the picture being art. You’re right, I just didn’t see it. Thank you.

      Thank you for adding me to your daily prayer list. I’m honored! Seem to be through all the big hurdles, thank goodness. Whew, it’s been tough. Luckily, I have a wonderful doctor and a wonderful chiropractor’s office. They’ve taken great care of me. I’m ’graduating’ to one chiro appointment every two weeks!!!!! Ha! Never thought that would be something to cheer about. After that, it goes to once a month, then back to only as needed. Happy to be on this side of things. Then, I had that one year of my momma…

      Thanks again. Hope you and Dan have a beautiful Tuesday! Hugs!

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    • Hi Francesca. Thank you so much. Prayer accepted. I’ve always been somewhat clumsy all my life – short on coordination. Stepped in many holes outside over the years. But, falling face first inside was a new one. Was told that it was the equivalent of a car wreck… the whiplash and all. So, I’ve offered myself a lot of grace and heal time. Hope you’re doing great. Miss you, sweetheart. ❤️


    • Hi Kim! Thank you! I’m am finding out that you are absolutely correct… but, I’m very grateful for the healing that’s happened. Wowsa, that whiplash was intense! Sooooo bad! After it quit? Face bones ached. Definitely a rough spot. But, on the upswing now. Thank goodness! Hope you’re doing well. I read your recent post about your church. Sounds like a nice place.


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