Beautiful New Things

It’s fun to get new stuff, even when it’s not exactly new. One of my favorite things about jewelry art is the ‘upcycling’ of pieces. The idea is to take stuff that already exists and make something different with it.

I thought I’d show you some new-to-me things I got recently.

First up is wooden pieces that are used for furniture decor and wall trim. I got them from a local online auction for a really great price. Normally, they sell for around $3 each. I got 20 for $14! They were brown and I painted them bright colors.

wooden furniture decor pieces- before
the same brown wooden furniture pieces- after

Up next is a beautiful jewelry lot I bought from an Etsy seller. There are several nice necklaces and I love the blue colors.

new to me jewelry for art

Here’s a piece that I’m working on. It’s a canvas with some jewelry and the wooden pieces, too.

my piece I’m working on

It’s fun to put different components together on one canvas. It’s sort of like a quilt, some things here + some things there = something really pretty and sentimental.

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great day!




    • Hi! Wow- I apologize for this going 12 days without a reply!!! Thanks so much! I’d love to get ahold of some more of these. My dad goes to auctions and things, I’ve got him on the look out. Hope you have a great Sunday!


    • Hi Betty. Thanks so much! I’ve been trying some different kinds of pieces lately. I’ve been enjoying creating things. I’m working on about 30 pieces to put in an Etsy shop. Finally getting up my nerve to do it. The jewelry pieces you gave me are on my art table. I’ve been looking for a place for that heart. It may go on a trinket box. That would be pretty. Hope you and Dan are doing well. Have you started camping yet?

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  1. I like the color scheme you have chosen, and that in a few spots, the colors overlap, creating an additional color! Some of the colors in the jewelry lot are perfect for these hues…which is probably why you selected them!

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    • Hi, how are you doing? Thanks so much. Of all the paint bottles I have, I always seem to gravitate towards these… I’m thinking about making an Etsy category called Boho Beach Art. That way I can put all the pieces with these combos there. Thank you, I stenciled the hearts onto the canvas first. It was really fun. The heart with the silver is a piece I painted and glued onto the canvas. Layered looks are calling me, ha ha. Kind of like your glass bottle art with the shapes in clay.

      See the watch dial on the canvas? It’s so beautiful. It’s got pink. The gold heart is a necklace pendant. It’s been looking for a home for quite a long time. I think it’s found one.

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        • Whoa- I thought I replied… sorry for the delay. Thank you- boho and beach seem to flow together somehow. Thanks about the watch faces. My husband and dad collect pocket watches. My dad has hundreds of them. I used to study pocket watch history and there’s some really cool stories about them. Nowadays, eBay and Etsy has some sellers that sell pocket watch parts for steampunk art projects. I got a face/dial lot of around a dozen for about $15. Fun to use.

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