Jewelry Art for Bowlers

Several months ago my husband asked me if I’d consider joining a bowling league.


Who me?

I was shocked! We only bowled occasionally and my scores were pretty low. Before I talked myself out of it, I said yes!

We are 15 weeks into our league and I’ll tell you, I’ve made many new friends at the bowling alley. It’s a new-to-us place, 50 miles one way, but totally worth the drive.

With Christmas approaching quickly, I went to the craft store yesterday and picked up some items for making jewelry art gifts for the women bowlers there.

I’m going to start working on them today, but I thought I’d tell you what I have in mind and show you the supplies I got.

You know I love making trinket boxes, so I got some of those. They are very reasonably priced at 6 for $3.99.

trinket boxes I got for jewelry art
heart trinket boxes to use for jewelry art

Because I already know the women bowlers names, I got some sparkly letter stickers. I am going to put the initial to their first name on each box.

stickers for jewelry art

A while back I ordered some bowling pins without the pin backs on them. I’m going to glue them on the boxes.

flat backed bowling pins I’ll use for the boxes

I’m pretty excited about the scrapbook pad I found at the craft store. I always buy the same one, ha ha. This one is completely new to me. I’ll decoupage the paper onto the boxes before decorating them.

new scrapbook paper to use on the trinket boxes

Lastly, Christmas items were 60-70% off, so I decided to get some things to wrap them in when finished. The bags are clear so they’ll be able to see their gift without having to open it right then. The stickers, clips, and ribbons will make fun accents.

Christmas ribbons for trinket box wrapping
bags, stickers, and clips for the trinket box gifts

What’s not pictured is the jewelry I’ll use. I still have to gather all my pieces and figure out how they’ll fit. That’s my favorite part- gluing the jewelry. Hopefully I can get them done today. I’m also going to make Christmas cookies and candy for the men league bowlers.

Hope you have a great Sunday!


P.S. My photos are a little different than usual. I took them last night in my kitchen (not the best light) and on my new vintage pink tablecloth. They’re not perfect, but I like them anyway. ❤️



    • Hiii!!! Thank you. Vintage sure has a voice of its own. Haha. I hadn’t thought of it like that- last week my bowling scores would have made me look like a pro golfer!! Ha. I will remember that next time I get multiple gutters! Hope you are doing great.

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  1. Oh, how fun! I love these–the bowling pins are so cute and the paper is a nice touch. My fave is the one that says “I make these shoes look good.” I noted the pink cloth with the roses border and it caught my eye–like it. I love vintage textiles, too.


    • Hi. I thought that one was cute, too. I hope I make my bowling shoes look good, ha. They’re hand me downs and I’m happy to have them. Love that you love vintage textiles. I just got that tablecloth from eBay. It has a hole, so was a great price. I adore pink. I’m so glad I got it. I got another one, too. It’s got flowers. Thanks, I work on the boxes for a couple of hours today. They’re almost finished. They’re pretty. I like the sparkly letter stickers.

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    • Hey sweetheart- you’re absolutely right! “Our” thing. Gift giving is the best. Thanks so much, I’m excited to get them started today. Going to the grocery store today to get candy making stuff. How are you doing?


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