A Pretty Easy Last Minute Gift Idea

If you like to make gifts, paper mache trinket boxes are a pretty easy to make gift idea. The boxes themselves are affordable. The ones I got were 6 for $3.99.

Because I’m in a Tuesday night bowling league, I decided to make gift boxes for the women bowlers. In my last post, I shared my ideas and supply information.

Yesterday, I worked on the boxes. It does take a good amount of time to decoupage the paper on, but after it dries, it goes pretty quickly.

What I love about making these is that it’s very easy to tailor them to the recipient. I chose bowling and stickers for initials, but other ideas could include boxes for:

  • best friends
  • baseball moms
  • soccer moms
  • book club members
  • other sports
  • people who love pets
  • folks in a nursing home

I love jewelry art, so I add jewelry to my pieces, but really the possibilities for items to use are vast. I’m also thinking that some of these ideas would be fun:

  • copies of photographs
  • ticket stubs
  • wristbands from an event
  • small silk flowers
  • flat backed Christmas ornaments
  • fridge magnets from travels
  • stickers
  • miniatures

Here are my finished jewelry art trinket boxes I made for the bowlers.

for Sheila, Andrea, and Ashley
for Marcia, Lindsey, and Debbie
for Carrie
for Amanda, Janet, and Linda
the bottom of the boxes have paper trim that I decoupaged on
a box for a bowler’s wife whose name I don’t know
they each have their own bag
some of them in gift bags

I made 12 boxes altogether and really like how the glitter letter stickers made them personalized. The extra boxes and letter stickers will be used to make trinket boxes for my booth.

Thanks for being here!




    • Hiiii!!!’ ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you. You’re right- so many things. Love what you said about chocolates or mints! That’s a great idea. I think I’ll make some Valentine ones and put chocolates in them. Cute handwritten notes is a wonderful idea, too. Thank you. ❤️


  1. Wow, they came out really nice. I’m sure each woman will be touched by your art, but most especially by your kind and giving heart. BTW, I received your letter. Thank you. I have been busy with Christmas activities and have not taken the time to write back. 😔 Once my family leaves after New Years, I promise to write back. 🤗 Have a Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year.

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  2. Oh, Jessica, these are exquisite and I love them! It really is such a thoughtful gift and they are unique which will surely enhance the fun for the recipient. You really got these done! I have been doing more decoupage since seeing yours also! Inspiration grows and so does admiration. You are the “jewel.” 💝


    • Oh my goodness, you’ve made my month! Forget just a day, my month! Thank you so very much. I’m so happy that you love them. Oh, how exciting!! How wonderful that you’ve been doing more decoupage. It’s such a beautiful way to transform something and the paper choices can be vintage to new. Thank you with my whole heart for your last 2 lines. “jewel” got me smiling and teary all at once. Such a gift. Thank you. 💕💕💕

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