Fun New Supplies

Art has been kind of a slow-go for me lately. A couple of weeks ago, I had a bit of an accident that has landed me in the chiropractor’s office quite a bit. Finally, I’m getting my art groove back.

Last weekend, I got to go poke around Hobby Lobby. Oh how I love that place! While there, I discovered a section that I hadn’t really considered before for jewelry art:

the wedding section

And, wedding items were 30% off. Woo hoo!! Here are some things I got:

new foam roses
lace flower stickers and plastic rhinestone hearts

Here’s a simple idea for the foam flowers. I decoupaged paper onto a recycled wooden sign. Then, added the foam flowers.

a simple idea but super pretty

In the Valentine’s section, I saw these wooden hearts with a tin background. I bought 3- 2 white and 1 red. The picture on the left shows what the white ones look like. For the picture on the right, I used the red heart and added paper, a sunflower, part of a necklace, and a tiny sunflower sticker.

tin and wood hearts– the red one with a sunflower and jewelry art added

On an online auction recently, I got this amazing necklace for $8. I’m planning on using it to make a canvas art flower.

a recent find that I’ll use for jewelry art

If you like to decoupage like I do, I want to tell you about an Etsy shop I’ve purchased from a couple of times. It’s called Paper N Cardstock Store. You guys, I’m loving that shop!

The shipping is prompt, the prices are wonderful, and her selection is great. You can choose the paper size you have in mind and look at all of the assortments. For me, the 6×6 squares work well. They are a good size for cutting strips for trinket boxes and they are a nice size for mini canvases.

The shop link is: if you’d like to have a look. (No commission for me, just sharing to share.) Here are some of the papers I’ve bought recently. So pretty!

new scrapbook paper to use for jewelry art
purples, blue, and grays

It sure is fun to get new supplies. It’s even more fun to show them to you!

Hope you have a great day!



  1. Nice to read that you’re back at it. I’m hoping you’re feeling better. I’ve been thinking about you and have been lazy about writing. 😔 Looking forward to seeing your completed artwork.

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    • Hiiiiii!!!! So nice to see you! Thank you so much. It’s good to be back in blog land. I thought those were so pretty. Can’t seem to go wrong with roses. I want to glue them on every-thing! Ha.

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  2. Welcome back and I’m glad you’re getting better! I love to decoupage. We have a Hobby Lobby where I live and it’s been here at least a year and I haven’t even been in it yet. What a score with the $8.00 neclace!

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    • Hi. Thanks so much! It’s good to be back. Hope you’ve been doing well. Oh man, that’s pretty good- I always spend a bunch when I go in there, ha ha. Thanks, I thought $8 was a great buy.


    • Hiiiii!!! Great “seeing” you. Hope you’re doing well. I saw your snow post. Did you have a nice holiday? Hard to believe it’s almost February already! Thank you, it feels good to write again. Getting the glue, paper, and things back out again has been really nice. Oh my gosh, you like paper? Cool! What kind of stuff do you like? I like hers because there’s a lot of variety. Also, some of the papers are double sided, which is pretty fun.

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  3. I have been wondering where you’ve been! It is nice to see you back. The papers look good–I like they range from vintage look to mod! I particularly like the paper decoupaged onto that strip of wood. I found some ideas for steampunk art that I really liked, which I hope to try next. I have a lot of gears, bolts, and other metal pieces I picked up at my grandad’s farm! I am so glad you introduced me to this idea!

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    • Hi!!!!! Aww!! I’m so happy to hear from you! How are you? It’s definitely been awhile for me and blogging. Over a month, I think. Oooo, steam punk sounds fun!! I’d love to know what you end up using for glue. I can’t wait to see what you end up making! I saw your piece you made over your kitchen sink. Seriously, my jaw dropped when I saw it! It’s so gorgeous!

      Thanks, I seem to be drawn to old farmhouse/vintage type of papers. Like wood floors and barn types. Iowa roots, I suppose. ❤️

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