Lessons in Resale

A couple of months ago I got all brave and rented a booth in a local resale shop. My idea? To get my art out of my art room and out where people can see it.

Trying to decide what to put in my booth with my art pieces has involved some trial and error. At first I tried vintage doilies, handmade potholders, and jewelry making books.

I do like those things, but there are similar linen type of things in other booths in the same shop. That got me to thinking, what would I really stop and look at if I was in a resale shop?

What sort of booth would draw my attention and make me want to dig through a basket or look at the items?

For me, boho comes to mind.

Eclectic and earthy. Florals and mixed colors. Bags and jewelry, of course. Books and destash supplies. Extras and miscellaneous. This and that with a down home feel.

I’ve been reading about how to sell online. Part of it says to take photos of your art with different props and in different places so that people can imagine the art in their space.

That makes sense to me, in a booth space, too. So, I added things to my booth to help my art ‘fit’ into real life. The jeweled up church and some trinkets boxes now mingle with bracelets, books, boots, purses, necklaces, and things.

I took some photographs so you can see.

a church and trinket boxes I made
my jewelry art in between boots and a bracelet display
necklaces, boho boots, a little chair
I got to hold necklaces,
and two trinket boxes I made
I got a jewelry lot from eBay, took out
what I needed for art, and put the rest in my booth
I bought a vintage wire basket for the bottom shelf to hold fabrics for quilting or extra items

Getting our art into the world certainly has a learning curve. My goodness, I am learning a lot. One lesson is, it takes some digging around in authentic, our very own, to steer our way.

Sure, I suppose I could try something like car parts or tools, but I really don’t know much about those. Boho (bohemian style) is something I can totally relate to.

My momma raised us on Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, macrame, in a big ol’ two story house with yellow carpet and a giant wooden stereo. Boho totally fits who I am.

Will it resonate with everybody? Probably not.

Will it resonate with SOMEbody? Absolutely.

And, that’s the beauty of art, don’t you think? The chance that it finds its place wherever it belongs.

Thanks for being here.




  1. Absolutely! I love Boho, also, and I also have that same little chair. It was mother’s and she had a doll she made sitting on it. I am not really a doll person, but I hung it on the wall and use it as a shelf next to my desk to display items–great idea for your display booth!

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