Keywords in Jewelry Art

For quite a while now I have been on a figurative creative sew saw of sorts. Put my art online or don’t. The way it usually plays out is, I almost get my nerve up to do it, then I chicken out.

Currently, I am way past ‘considering’ it and have taken some forward steps! I started the opening up of an Etsy shop.

My country, language, and shop name have been chosen. Next up is adding product listings. This week I have been making art to put in those listings.

I’m also reading a really wonderful book about how to do all this. One of the things I am kind of stuck on is keywords.

We all know how important keywords are in blogging. The right ones seem to get our posts read more, it seems. The issue I’m having is choosing keywords that exactly ‘fit’ my art.

Jewelry Art as a keyword is a thing. If you put it in a search bar, jewelry art comes up. Cool, that’s what I do. But, my jewelry art is different than what’s listed.

So, this week I started looking at other keywords. Collage? Yes, I definitely do collage. Decoupage? Totally. Want to hear something interesting?

I always thought that decoupage meant to glue paper on stuff. I found out that the word decoupage actually means ‘to cut.’ Collage is a French word that means ‘to glue.’ Oops, I had that all confused, ha ha.

As far as the keywords, I’ll have to keep researching for something that goes with the heart of what I do. My art is more of a combo pack of different things, not super easily defined.

And, I love that!

Here are some things I’ve been doing this week. I painted 8×10 inch canvases, then I glued on some paper pieces. My goal with these is create something similar to my favorite piece, the one that started this whole journey.

two of the seven canvases I painted
adding a paper scene with Mod Podge

It’s not finished yet. The jewelry and layered elements have to be added in yet. Such as these, from my original piece:

my original favorite piece

I’m thinking of making a one of a kind series of my favorite pieces, with some special elements thrown in. Hopefully, the keywords that people use to find such things will start coming to mind soon.

Thanks for reading.




  1. One thought on your keywords is to use ‘one of a kind’ as a tag. You do wonderful work and look forward to seeing your journey unfold. I’m currently ‘on vacation’ on Etsy as my hubs is in the hospital for cancer treatment. Live too far away to ship items at this time, but we’ll be back soon 🙂 Thanks for following my blog too! Have a wonderful week.

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    • Hi! It’s so great that you mentioned that. I kept seeing OOAK on Etsy items. I had to look it up- ha ha. I was like, “Ohhhhhhh, one of a kind…” Clever! Thank you. I’ll do that. Wow- thank you for saying I do wonderful work. Very sweet and kind. Oh man, sorry to hear about your hubs- hope he’s doing ok. Mind if I ask what your Etsy shop is?

      You’re welcome. I did a search for camping yesterday and when I saw Katy Trail, I clicked. We live down in the boot heel. Been by Katy Trail signs a bunch up by Columbia. Thanks for reading and commenting. 😊😊

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  2. Congratulations Jessica! I hope Etsy is a great success for you, your work is so unique and special, it’s sure to be a hit! Don’t forget all those key words in the sidebar of your blog! 😉


    • Hi Kim. That’s some great advice. Thank you. I didn’t think about being able to update them. Smart thinking! Thank you- it’s been fun so far. Thank you for your kind words and for believing in my art. Means a bunch.

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    • Hi! Thanks so much! Those pants are actually what prompted the piece!! I have this dream of designing clothes- skirts specifically. So, I made those paper pants and built the scene from there. Thank you for noticing them.

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