Joy Filled Giving

Several years ago, my son and I made Christmas presents for someone we loved and all the residents in her nursing home. We made over 100 bracelets and sun catchers and sent them off to Minnesota.

My gosh, there’s such a ‘can’t quite get my head around how amazing my heart feels when g-i-v-i-n-g.‘ Giving to another is where it’s at!

One of the pluses of creativity is the opportunity to share what we love making with others. I’ve decided to do that giving thing again this Christmas.

As many of you know, I lost my momma very unexpectedly at the end of March. The past 7 months have been tough because I miss her so much. They say the holidays the first year after loss can be really hard- I have been sad about holidays that haven’t even arrived!

Yesterday it dawned on my what I must do!

I must give.

As you know, my great aunt Esther is 103. She lives in an assisted living home in her own apartment. All of her friends from church that she’s known all of her life have apartments there, too.

Esther is a giver. Always has been. She’s also a crafter and an artist. How cool is that? 103 years of creating and giving!

I guess she rubbed off on me because I love doing the same things. So, my son and I are going to make jewelry art trinket boxes for her and all the residents in the home. Heck, maybe even the nurses.

My heart overflows with gratitude and joy just thinking about doing this project. How wonderful it will be to give back just a little to someone who’s been an inspiration to me my whole life.

we’re going to make jeweled trinket boxes

Some jewelry I got at a new resale shop in town. Each piece was $2!! I can make several trinket boxes with these.

new to me jewelry for art

Thanks for being here. Love when joy shows up on some random weekday.




  1. Christmas is my favorite holiday in large part because I love picking out the “perfect” gifts and stocking stuffers for my family. (Stockings are my absolute favorite thing.) My heart goes out to you; the first holidays without a loved one – especially a mom – are *hard*.

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    • Hi. Oh my, thank you SO much. I haven’t looked on this blog for several days, and your comment is the first I see. Absolutely love ‘are *hard*. Yessssssssssssss. My momma’s love for gifts at Christmas sounds similar to yours. A couple years ago, she fell on black ice, which resulted in back surgery. Which led to use of a walker during recovery. But, I will tell you what, when Christmas time came, she was out shopping for gifts for us WITH that walker. ❤️ Love that stocking stuffers are your favorite thing.

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  2. What a thoughtful and caring idea! It just makes my heart smile. I think trinket boxes are not only pretty, they are useful for all those small things you need a place to keep them handy and corralled. I like the elongated pieces in the two darker necklaces, and the little flat beads/stones will be great to use in pieces. You have such a good eye!

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    • Good morning! That’s a great point about trinket box uses, especially in a small space. I like making them because they don’t take up much room but are still really beautiful. Wow! Thanks. The resale shop just opened recently and has a lot of clothes and shoes. I wanted to show support for the new business, so I was excited to see she had jewelry, too.

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