Craft Fair Day

Today was the day of the craft fair I’ve been telling you about. I stayed up late last night, finishing some things, then was up early to pack my truck.

The venue itself was very nice. It was held in a local events center and we were in a big open gym, which meant lots of room for several vendors.

Here is some of the art I had on my tables:

my craft fair booth today
my craft fair booth tables
art I made for the craft fair
my sign and some items I made
the mermaid I finished and the church I made
one of the acorns I made
my craft fair table
trinket boxes I made

I did some things differently this time and also learned some important stuff:

  • I had an end and wall booth, so I tried the tables in an L shape. It worked really well. Traffic could flow to my booth on the end, then turn left to go to the next row.
  • I took less artwork this time. I think that was key in allowing the eye to follow the movement on the tables.
  • I’d read that color is everything in a booth and I believe it. The color theme helps in knowing where to look at on the table.
  • I’d also read that getting things up off the table helps draw people in to the booth. I used cardboard cake stands that I decorated with flowers to hold my trinket boxes and they worked well.
  • Practicing the table set ups at home before the craft show saved a lot of time the day of the event because I already had an idea of how to place things.
  • I tried something new this time- after I set up, I walked across the room to see what people would see from different perspectives. I’ll do that again from now on.
  • The ceiling was really high, with fluorescent type lights, which meant the light didn’t shine on all of my art- next time I would take additional light sources such as a battery operated lamp, to balance out the light.
  • This time I tried a bowl of peppermint candy on the table. I saw some folks take a few pieces. I will do that again because it feels like a bit of an ice breaker.

Overall, it was a good experience for me. Two of my friends came to see me and I had made chocolate treat bags for them for coming out.

I met some incredibly kind people, both buyers and sellers. I only got teary over my momma a couple of times, which I considered good.

Someone had mentioned losing a loved one last year and I was able to share their sadness without pouring out in my own! Win!!

The craft fair was from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., which is one of the shorter shows I’ve done so far.

It seemed to work out quite well and I was able to get home in plenty of time for my husband to be able to get ready and leave for a trip.

I have quite a few great pieces left, so I will save those for the next craft show in December.

Thank you for being here.


© Copyright 2022 Jeweled Again by Jessica

** all photographs and writing was done by me


  1. I’d like the recipe box please, and the little red pendant in the frame that says love! Let me know how much after you mail it so I can pay you shipping on top! ☺️💗


  2. How wonderful, Jessica! Everything looks lovely. 💖 Would have loved to have visited you in person. I am glad it was a good experience for you. Always something to learn. Keeps life interesting! Enjoy your day. 🌞

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Pen Pal!! Thank you so much. I’m learning as I go. A year ago at the first show, I had no clue. After lots of research and reading, I found out there’s a lot of marketing/set up strategies. The more shows I do, the more I learn, I guess. It was a nice Saturday. Thank you!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Your displays were eye-catching and very well thought out, Jessica. Thank you so much for the tips you shared. A friend and I will share a booth in our Texas park’s craft show in November and we’ll certainly be referring to this post.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Wow! Thank you so much!! It’s incredibly kind that you’ll refer to this post!!! Thank you!

      Thank you. This was my 4th craft fair I’ve done. It’s a learning process as to what works. More knowledge in my crafting pocket. Thank you for your comments!

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  4. I really liked this, Jessica. It reminded me of how important it is for people to feel valued and welcomed. The peppermints nurture our hunger, our spirit, and our soul and connect us at an elemental level–what an awesome idea, and one that says “I care about you.” The trinket boxes look great, and elevating them on color is another artistic eye-catcher. Finally, I love the “what I learned addition.” Being on the mountain top or in the valley is just a memory if we cannot or do not evaluate what we learned. Wonderful art work, eye-catching display, and excellent self-assessment. You [jewel] rock!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, Betty. I appreciate that. I bet you’re right- that is what counts. The seller beside me was really sweet. She makes dollar store crafts. We had some nice chats and even traded a few things at the end. That was fun!

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