Giving Has a Place Wherever We Are

On my other blog, I am doing a 22 day Miracles and Gratitude Challenge based on the idea that noticing more miracles brings more miracles.

It’s working. Being grateful for things, is making me feel grateful for other things and noticing miracles is helping me see more miracles.

All that noticing prompted me to write a post called, “On Giving”. It’s about how my momma was a giver and that since losing her recently, I feel like generosity/ giving has climbed onto my front porch and is ringing the bell.

Yesterday at the craft fair, I got to thinking about something. Sure craft fairs are about selling. Of course, that makes sense. I mean, we buy supplies, make our art, put it out there on tables, and hope the pieces make their way into the world.

But, maybe, for me anyway, there’s an opportunity for giving there as well.

I watched people come into my booth and look at things. A piece might be in someone’s hand, until they asked the price. Then, it was set down and they walked away.

One of my tables seemed to draw some people to it. My pieces have tiny affirmations on them that say things like: “you are kind”, “I am authentic”, and “we are strong.”

When one person saw that table, they tearfully told me about a recent loss, how hard it’s been, and how affirmations have helped them keep going.








Art is a connection, you know? It’s a way of expressing something that relates to someone on some level. It’s the act of being able to look at a piece and see something we like or need, whether we take it home or not.

Maybe not all of my pieces made new physical homes, many stayed on the tables and came back home with me, but maybe just seeing them helped someone in one small way.

After standing there for awhile, I thought about how giving has a place wherever we are.

Wherever. We. Are.

Even on a Saturday and even at a craft fair.

So, when I felt the time was right, I gave. And, it was absolutely heart lifting and authentic by me and the people I gave to.

In fact, at one point I even considered putting in a few ‘free’ price tags, just to see what people would do. Next time, I think I might price some things, then add a few ‘free gift for you’ tags, just for fun.

Five or ten years from now, they might not remember exactly what they did that day, but they may remember the time they went to a craft fair and got a ‘free for them’ gift.

Pretty darn cool!

Once, my friend Kristi told me, “If I have enough, I have enough to share.” Absolutely! And, for me, that includes art, too.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a sunny Sunday!


P.S. If you’d like to join in on the Miracles and Gratitude Challenge, my other blog is:

a piece I made and gave to someone
yesterday at the craft fair

© COPYRIGHT 2022 Jeweledagainbyjessica

** all writing, artwork, and the photograph are mine


  1. My wife and I are building a guest cabin in the woods (it’s not done yet. We have come to the conclusion it will be free to stay there for people but we will also allow donations for those that want to give back. It’s an experiment in a way. possibly an expensive one but we feel it’s what God would have us do at this time. Maybe you want to have a “donations accepted” table and a small not that comes with each one about giving??

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    • Oh my gosh, I love that you are building a cabin and doing that. What a blessing that will be. And, your comment is timely. I was just writing a post about the “selling” part of craft fairs and if I should continue. Maybe I could do both- love your ‘donations accepted” table idea. And, the note. What a very cool idea. Thank you so much.

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      • Sometimes people value items more if they paid well for them. An irony in a way. We do a men’s breakfast at our church once a month. It’s the best place in the state to eat a breakfast. Not cheap. It’s free and a donation bucket is passed. All donations go toward scholarships to send kids to camp (we take the food cost out and some donate food toward the meal). Often 25 guys will give $400+ another dynamic of donations when it’s free. free + donation= change a life…very high value.

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        • Oh wow. That’s incredible. How wonderful for a meal together and supporting kids. I love that donation is a choice and they share so much. I see what you’re saying now. Maybe I need to look at “very high value.” Maybe it could be like that pay it forward kindness type thing or something. I appreciate your insight. It’s very helpful. Thank you.


  2. I bet the person will treasure that gift for a long time to come! And I really like how you said you do art because in some way, it can help another. It is a connection. I think money is tight right now for a lot of people, or perhaps they are cutting back because some costs are predicted to rise and they want to be prepared. That could be a lot of the reason why they held something and put it back when they found out the price. Even if they didn’t buy it, they were admiring it. And I am glad you could talk to the lady with heartache and be there for her. There are lots of ways to be generous – and you are!


    • Hello. I bet you’re right about money being tight. Gas, groceries, upcoming Christmas gift buying, bills can equal limited spending sometimes. Admiring it is a lovely way to look at things. Thank you, supporting people when possible, feels nice. I was also listening intently in case she had nuggets of advice for me, as well. You know, like Godwinks? Maybe her recent loss could help me in some way, with mine. Sometimes we entertain angels unaware…

      Thank you. Earlier this year, before I lost my momma, I wrote out my art ‘mission statement.’ It was filled with all the things I hope my art does for someone when they see it.

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  3. How sweet! I can’t wait to hear how your “free gifts” go over. It’s also nice when we reach the point in our grief journey(s) that we can be that “safe place” for someone else without being overcome by our own pain.

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    • Hi! Thank you. I’m interested in seeing how someone would react to free.

      I thought of that, too yesterday. She was all teary while she talked and I was able to not cry about my momma. Plenty of days I do cry about missing my momma, but yesterday someone else was able to talk about her loss and experience with me. ❤️

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  4. That’s so kind of you. I love the idea of having a “free” tag. You have a beautiful soul. I thought about you at church this morning. The homily (sermon) was about being thankful and grateful, just like you’ve been doing with your miracles and gratitude challenge. I am thankful that you have come into my life.

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    • You thought about me at church??? That’s the sweetest thing ever. Thank you so much. I think I will try the “free” tag. The next show is in December at a church up the road from me. Heck. I may put it on several things. I’m grateful I found your hiking blog and that now we’re great friends. Miracles!!!

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