I Love Art

I’m so thankful for this blog. I love art and making stuff. I love writing, too. On my other blog, I write.

Recently, I’ve been stumbling around in writer’s block. Ugh! So, this blog is especially nice, because I can simply make art.

Yesterday I worked on craft fair stuff and I thought I’d show you my progress. First up is these coasters.

I got them from a local online auction. They were in a box with four other things and the whole box was $3.

coasters I got in an auction

They were pretty, but I wanted to add some ‘me’ to them. They turned out so great. I love them! I added paper, jewels, and words and now they are one of a kind. I’m going to put them on small easels.

coasters I made over

Next up is a new but vintage looking recipe tin. I made one last year that was very old fashioned looking. This time I went for a western theme. I even used one of those button covers.

after– the top
after- the back

Remember those sepia plates? I started painting one.

ceramic plates I got on an auction 3 for $5

And, Saturday, I picked up this wooden church at a local flea market. Isn’t it cool? I think it’s barn wood. I’m going to add paper and jewelry to it.

my next project

Thanks so much for being here and reading my posts. I appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!



    • Hi. Thank you very much! I bought another set for like a dollar that I’m going to redo. It’s a fun project. Because they are small, doesn’t take a lot of supplies or time. Super fun.

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    • Hi!! Thank you so much. I’ve been working on the church for 2 days. It’s almost done. I used the red bandanna paper for the front. I think I might ask whoever owns the flea market booth where I got it if they can make more. I’d love to do more churches.


    • Wow!! Thank you SO much!!! Aren’t those plated something? I think the potential for them being really beautiful is in there, somehow. I can’t wait to do the one where the woman is on the front porch with barrels of apples at her feet.

      I’m going downstairs to work on the church right now. We just got home from bowling. I don’t want to wait to start the church. Ha ha!

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  1. You’re a talented and creative artist, Jessica. It’s great that your blog releases the writer’s block that I’m sure most of us run into every now and then. Thank you for this wonderful post!

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    • Aw!! You’re super sweet. Thank you for understanding. Not knowing what to write on my other blog has weighed heavy on my mind. And, thank you so much for the amazing words about me being an artist!!! That makes my heart smile!

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    • Isn’t that amazing about those plates? They spent 40 years brown. The blue sky alone, brightened it right up. Originally, I was just going to add in color highlights. Then, my brush went to painting the whole sky. Ha ha. I think it’ll be pretty when it’s done.

      Thank you. I love those coasters. They’re stone, too. If you’d like one, feel free to pick one out and I’ll gift it to you. Seriously. I have sent several bloggers gifts.

      I’m excited about the church. I’ve never decoupaged on barn wood. It may be a disaster. Ha. Or it may be really cool. It doesn’t look like it from the photo, but it’s very 3 dimensional. Almost looks like a bird house.

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      • I found a similar birdhouse design that I got for my mother during her birdhouse collecting years, and brought it home after she passed. I have kept it, not sure what I would do with it, but maybe something inspired by you…I did decoupage drift wood once, and while it was initially pretty, it did not hold up well.

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        • Hi. Sorry for the delay. How nice that you gave her a birdhouse and have it now. Thank you for the kind compliment about maybe something inspired by me. Very kind. I’ve never tried driftwood. I’d wondered about/ if wood that has been outside possibly having a high water connect in their layers. Barn wood as well… I’ve been working on that church for 2 days. FINALLY got it almost to what I envisioned. Hoping to do a post soon.


    • You’re really sweet. Thank you so much! Sharing before and afters is super fun. Things can change so much with paint, glue, and jewelry. I appreciate your comments!


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