Decoupage and Jewelry Art

Today I’m taking a break from painting. I did a quick decoupage project on a piece I’m going to take to the craft fair. So, I thought I’d show it to you.

I bought this mail holder at our local farm store. It’s new, but looks vintage.

mail holder I bought

It had some scratches on it that I saw before I bought it. Though I’m not crazy about buying something scratched, I knew I could add paper and fix it up.

There are different types of decoupage mediums. I tend to use Mod Podge because I can get it at the craft store, 50 miles from here.

Recently, I got some new scrapbook paper and started looking at which pieces would be cute on the mail holder. I went with the red bandana and the multicolored roses.

Next, I cut out a few scrapbook paper squares, and glued them on as well. To finish the piece, I remembered a flower I have from a necklace. I think it blends in nicely, but also stands out a little, too.

One thing I love about this project is, with some paper and glue, it turns a piece anyone can buy into something pretty unique.

jewelry art mail holder I made

One craft fair item done, lots more to go!

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


© 2022 Jeweled Again By Jessica

***all images are mine


  1. Your creativity and resourcefulness is a delight! Other than sewing, which I miss and haven’t done in a long time, I am not crafty, but I appreciate those who are. Best wishes on your craft show creations.

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