Church Bliss

The other day I showed you a barn wood church I got at a local flea market. I spied it near a lower shelf, and flipped it upside down to look at the price tag.


Very reasonable. I thought I’d see if I could decoupage some paper on it, then add jewelry and things.

Since I’ve never decoupaged on barn wood, I searched online for tips or advice to see if it was even a possibility. I came up pretty empty handed in that search.

Mostly what I found was barn wood decoupage paper itself. As in paper that looks like barn boards. I did find one article on decoupaging barn wood, but it was about using napkins and not paper.

With zero direction on how to do it, I tried it anyway. I had to use a lot more decoupage glue than usual because the barn wood soaked it up somewhat, but it worked really well.

Here’s the before:

before of the church I bought at a flea market

Here are the afters:

after- church front
after- church side
after- church sides and top
after- church back and top
after- the other church side and front
after- church close up of what was a bracelet
with ‘Love is patient’

Quite a big difference!

How did I do it? I took off the ‘door’, added paper, flowers, and jewelry.

Some of jewelry parts I used are:

  • for the border around the paper squares on the back, sides, and top, I used a blue 3- strand necklace I cut apart
  • the centers in 3 sunflowers are from a blue ceramic necklace
  • the center of the top blue flower has a clear crystal
  • on the front I used a necklace at the edges, a heart pendant for the flower, and small circular flowers at the top of the decoupaged square that were dangly earrings

I’m calling this ‘Church Bliss’ because it has a smidgen of boho in it. It’s earthy and grounded, yet a little bit freeing. It’s a church I could see myself walking into and snuggling up in a seat.

One of my favorite parts is the sunflower above the cross. At one glance it’s a sunflower with a stem with leaves. At another glance, it’s a cross completely on its own. Pretty cool.

Oh, and see under the door at the bottom? That silver strip? It is a bracelet that was a pretty soft metal, so I just flattened it out. It has the verse “Love is patient. Love is kind…” on it.


Hope you like my church! Thank you for being here.


©2022 Jeweled Again by Jessica

*** all words and photos are mine


  1. That looks like it was a lot of work to decoupage! I like the aqua ceramics and colors with the red–really pops. The coin flowers and the bracelet are a nice touch, too–sort of ties the front together like a metal cornice/step!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi. Good eye!! Thank you so much. I thought those metal flowers sort it gave it a southwestern feel. I love that you noticed and like the different elements. Thank you for that. The decoupage took awhile. I poured the glue right onto the wood, which saved some time. I put several coats of it on top of the paper. It seems to have sealed it pretty well. I’m surprised it stuck on the wood- turned out really nice.


    • Hi!! Thank you so much!! After I wrote it, I was thinking about churches. I actually think I could walk into just about any church and snuggle up on a seat. Even the one in Pentwater. I’m so happy you like the colors and everything. Thank you!

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    • Hey girl, how are you?? Thank you SO much!! Can you believe that bracelet? I about fell over when I put it up there and it was the perfect length!!! See the beads on the front? I only glued them part way, so they move a bit. Thought that was kind of unique.

      I saw your travel post. Haven’t commented yet. Sounded like a chore getting tickets lined up for everything. Bet it’ll be a fabulous trip!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I did notice the needs, too. I love these little touches that come to your mind. And your talk if decopauging reminds me of a junior high school teacher who taught us that when I had her. You have me thinking about what I can do that I may actually finish.

        Yes, sometimes that trip planning gets frustrating. I would have preferred a better price, but I do have a free place to stay so it is still a relatively cheap trip. At least I’ll get more legroom which is nice, and a free checked bag. I love travel and am not really on any timetable in either direction, so I should be able to relax and enjoy the journey. Having a fun night in London with my cousin before I come home will also be great. The hotel room was more than reasonable and we can walk to our show and back.

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        • I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you return!!! I’ve never been overseas. When you get home, please tell me all the details and fun stuff you do. I hope you have a fabulous trip!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • I love visiting my family. I don’t need to do much – just hanging out with them and sharing meals is amazing. My aunt has been struggling since my mom got Alzheimer’s. They used to talk every day and it is hard for her. Even when we call, it’s not the same sister. So spending time with my aunt is especially important.

            I love travel and am looking forward to getting back to it!


            • Oh that’s so hard. Alzheimer’s changes everything. I’m happy you get to see your aunt. Meals with family sound really wonderful. Yay for healed feet and traveling!


        • Love the part about your junior high teacher! Decoupage is a game changing medium. It can transform so many things relatively easily. Love that! I hope you make some art! I’d love to see!


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