Fifty Miles for Art Supplies

This morning, I flew out of bed when I suddenly remembered that I had been to the craft store last night.

The past few weeks, I’ve been “mid-project” in several things with no supplies to finish them…


Well, for me, a craft store is quite a commitment. 50 miles, that is.

Round trip for me to get to Hobby Lobby takes about an hour of driving. Sure, I could order supplies online, I suppose, but sometimes it’s just fun to walk the aisles of an actual store.

On top of the projects I need to finish, I also have that craft fair coming up in October. Honestly, I had zero ideas about what to make for it.

All these questions crossed my mind:

  • Should I make the same things? I’ve done 3 local shows and it’s a small town.
  • Should I change my colors? I love turquoise and pink.
  • Should I find redo’s to make over or buy new stuff?
  • Should I follow my heart? Or follow the market?

Here’s what I decided:

  1. I’m going to make the same sort of things, but with some added variations.
  2. I am going to add some colors in to my turquoise and pinks. Like, browns, greens, and oranges.
  3. Yes on redo’s. (I already have some and I’m bidding on a few others.) Yes on buying some art to make. I got lots of paper mache and some wood products last night.
  4. Heart or market? Hmm. Both. Super unique things may appeal to some people, but super unique things that fit in a trend may catch more eyes.

I’m super excited to start making stuff again. I want to show you what I got.

new paint colors for my jewelry art projects
I’m going to use these for jewelry art
acorns and sunflower wood pieces
got these at a dollar type store on the way home
mini easels and sunflower stickers
craft supplies for jewelry art
new brushes!!!!! woo hoo!
How cute are these? They are about 2 inches.

Fifty smifty! Completely worth the miles. Ha ha. I did end up ordering a couple of things online this morning that I didn’t see last night. When they get here, I’ll show you those, too.

Hope you have a great Saturday!



  1. Oh, how fun. My sister and I were just talking this morning about heading to Hobby Lobby. It’s 45 miles for us to get there. We decided not to do it today. Have fun creating art!

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  2. The closest craft stores to where we live are approximately 150 miles round trip so I don’t pick up painting supplies often. When I do get there, it’s usually quite a haul such as yours. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create.

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    • Hi! Isn’t that crazy?? There’s another Hobby Lobby in Arkansas, but it’s about 100 miles round trip. Ha. But, on the plus side, we live near a National Forest and clear water rivers.

      Thank you- I think the first thing I’ll do is paint everything so when the decoupage paper arrives, I can start gluing it on. Then, will come the jewelry. I appreciate your comments. Thank you very much!


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