Craft Show Projects

Hi! I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on this past week. I got some fun new stuff as well. There’s less than a month until the October craft fair, so I have been trying to get my ideas started and going.

My go-to art for craft fairs is paper mache trinket boxes. I love making them!! I have a sort of rhythm for putting them together. First, I paint them. Then, add decoupage paper. Then, add the jewelry.

Right now I’m in the painting stage:

painting paper mache trinket boxes

Also for craft fairs, I makeover pieces I buy. When I bought these acorns, they were natural wood colored. I painted them and will add scrapbook paper, then jewels.

acorns I painted
scrapbook paper ideas for the acorns

I found a shop on Etsy that sells various styles of 6×6 squares of scrapbook paper very reasonably priced (like $3-$7 each for like 12-20 squares) so I ordered several types.

I LOVE the variety! Lots of different ones without the commitment of only one 12×12 pad like I was looking at at the craft store.

new scrapbook paper I got

For this craft fair, I’m also trying a ‘new’ old idea. Stencils!! I haven’t used stencils for years. I found an Etsy shop that makes stencils, so I bought some. I love them!

So far, I’ve only used the small flowers, but I can’t wait to try the heart and sunflower, too!

new stencil
new sunflower stencil
new heart stencil- it’s gorgeous!
I painted this little chair white and
am adding flowers from the stencil
close up of little chair stencil

I’m also making over several used pieces I got in the last few months. Remember those sepia colored plates? They’re getting a paint update. And, the spice cabinet with doors and glass jars? The wood was so dark. I’m painting it white and will use scrapbook paper to ‘feminine’ it up.

Last week in the local online auction, I got a vintage jewelry box with a key. It was looking pretty dated, so I’m painting it before I decoupage it and add vintage jewelry to it.

Lots of projects going at once, ha ha.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a wonderful day!



    • Hi. Hope you are doing well. Sorry for the late reply. When I tried to reply earlier, it wouldn’t let me type any N’s. It does that sometimes, I don’t know why. N’s are working now. Ha. Thank you. I did more painting this morning. My favorite part is the jewelry, but it takes a bit to get things ready for the jewelry part. Thank you. It will be fun to share what I’m going to take.

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      • Hi Jessica. I knew you were busy so I really wasn’t expecting a reply. I’m doing well thank you. Happy your N’s are working now. It’ll also be fun for us to see what you’ve made. Have a great evening!

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    • Hi! Thank you for saying that about the ideas. It’ll be interesting to see what people like. Thank you, I think it will be fun. It’s not very long, only 9 am- 1 pm.


    • Hi!!! Aren’t those cool? I can get you links if you’d like to look at the shops. Very affordable and unique designs. Thank you. I think after I feminine up that spice cabinet and paint the back white, I’m going to use that heart stencil on the back in colors that match the scrapbook paper. 🙂

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    • Good morning! Thank you so much. I just thought of something- I bet we could use stencils on fabric with fabric paint, too! ❤️🌻

      The trinket boxes are going to be SO awesome!! I had a sign made for them at the last craft fair. I can’t wait to set the table up! After, I finish them, hahaha.

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