Outside the Box Creativity

Sometimes, as artists, we get an idea of something we want to create, but can’t find the supplies to make it like we want to.

That happened to me about a year ago. I had this really unique idea show up about painting a meadow type scene with a fence and adding western jewelry to it.

Guess who couldn’t find any western jewelry?

I looked online and I didn’t find anything. So, that idea got put on hold…

Last week I finally found what I needed!

Originally, I had been thinking ‘pendants and brooches’, but what I got was something I hadn’t ever considered:

button covers

Look at these:

button covers I got for jewelry art

They’re actually pretty amazing because they are flat on the back, which is great for gluing.

backs of the button hole covers

Added bonus?

They were on sale!! Love that!

I’ve talked about this Etsy shop before, but if you’re new and/or just starting jewelry art, I thought I’d mention it again. I’ve gotten a lot of my jewelry supplies there for the past couple years.

It’s called Ancillary Potpourri and a sweet gal named Linda owns it. She has all sorts of beads, brooches, necklaces, and more with nice pricing. An artist herself, she offers some pretty cool pieces that can be made into all kinds of stuff.

The link is https://www.etsy.com/shop/AncillaryPotpourri if you’d like to look. There’s no compensation for me in sharing this whatsoever. I’m just sharing in case you’d like to see where I get some of my supplies.

I also got a few other things:

pins and brooches for jewelry art

And, look!! Bowling pins!

I’ve never been on a bowling team before and my husband asked me to be on his team. We start September 6!

Think I should wear these pins????

bowling pins I got

More jewelry:

a 3 strand necklace and a pin I got
a gift from Linda, thanks Linda

I’m excited to finally be able to make the western piece I’ve had on hold for so long. Plus, with the other jewelry I got, I think I’m going to try a mermaid.

Love when outside-the-box creativity comes together somehow, don’t you?

Thanks for being here!



    • Hi!!! That’s ok about just reading. Thank you- I thought those button covers were so cool. Western jewelry tends to be pricey, depending on what it is. So, button covers ended up being a great alternative.

      I didn’t wear them the first night. We bowled the first night on Tuesday. It was really fun. I was so scared because people were watching me! Like, everyone sees when I get a gutter!! Haha. I got the lowest score of EVERYONE in the entire bowling alley!!!!! Hahahaha. But, I’m going back this Tuesday. Only up from here!

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  1. Your blog and summaries are a treat, Jessica! Love the western buttons and the bowling pins. How fun! I received your Christmas pendants. You are an incredibly thoughtful and generous person. Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Thanks. My husband noticed there were words on the bowling stick pin, WIBC. So, we just had a big history lesson. The Women’s International Bowling Congress (WIBC) was started in 1916. There’s lots of history of how and why it got started. In 2004, it merged into the USBC. So, we’re thinking that pin may be kind of old. 🙂

      Thank you. I need to get some new paints and canvases to be able to start the western one. Hoping I can get some on Friday. Thank you for reading!

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  2. Awesome outcomes! I had several of those western motif button covers, on both skirts and white blouses. At the time, it was all the rage (I was in Texas in traditional cowboy country) and midi skirts with boots were a big deal. I ran across and old photograph of me dressed like that this last week! I do like the stash of jewelry you got this time, I am gearing up to start working on one as soon as I finish clearing out my room and organizing the supplies. I have these nifty little tins and jars I am sorting items into for use! Finally, a reason to celebrate having kept all of that stuff over the years! Can’t wait to see your fence and mermaid.

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    • Oh my gosh! I bet you looked soooooo pretty in western skirts and white blouses. I love Texas the traditional cowboy type dressing. Especially the boots. I love that you found a photograph of it last week.

      Ooooo!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your space and art creations! Those tins and jars sound really neat. And, yay for keeping stuff that you can put to use. I’d love to see what you make!!! Thank you, I thought the items I got were perfect for what I need. 🙂

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