Starting New Gifts

Yesterday I finished the last of the four gifts I’ve been working on. I got them all boxed up and ready for the post office.

Today I am starting the next round of gifts.

My niece had a birthday request, a cat. I researched how to draw a cat outline and sketched it on a canvas. The first try was too small, so I drew right around it. Some canvases will allow for erasing and even though those inner lines are still a bit visible, they’ll be covered in glue and jewels.

cat sketch

A new necklace I got, looked like it would make a cool wrap around tail.

a new necklace to use for art

Current progress:

cat for my niece

The glue has to dry and I will paint the canvas around the cat. I got to use some unique jewelry, like the face and the mouse. Tucked in near the neck is the word ’fearless’, because my niece is wonderfully fearless.

Other gifts I’m making are a giraffe, a sunflower, a church, and something for my nephew. I love making gifts because on the other end of my making, is a smile in the receiving.

Hope your day is beautifully blessed.



  1. This will be a real treasure for your niece. I bet she will absolutely love the word “fearless” in there. And there may be moments in her life where seeing that word will encourage and empower her. What a thoughtful gift!

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    • Hello! Hope you’re having a great afternoon! Thank you so much. This cat is a fun one. I’m left handed, so my tendency is to face animals facing left. This is my first try at a right facing cat. Ha ha.


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