Following Inspiration Just Because

Sometimes, when I sit down at my art table, I have an idea of what I’ll create. Especially if I have somebody in mind that I am making it for.

Other times, I sit down and see if any new ideas show up. They did today.

A friend of mine owns an Etsy shop where she sells jewelry like I use. Several months ago, she sent me a sample of her tumbled glass. She does something really cool- she walks old homesteads in Texas, picks up broken glass, takes it home and tumbles it.

tumbled glass Linda finds on
old homesteads in Texas

I ordered some last week and it came yesterday. I’m going to use some of it for another mountain scene, and today I got a really cool idea for the others. An ocean scene.

Remember that chalkboard makeover I did? Well, I got on eBay and found 2 under $5 each and ordered them. They arrived yesterday, too. I guess they made friends with the glass, ha ha, because when I sat down, I knew I wanted to use the glass and chalkboards together.

mini chalkboard and tumbled glass
became friends
another chalkboard I found on eBay

That’s a super cool thing about art. You don’t have to do things one way or make the same thing every time. Sure, I could make the chalkboards look like the one I did the other day, but making something completely original is possible, too.

By changing things up and putting our hearts into something, our personalities tend to show up in our pieces. How cool is that?

Ok, nothing is glued down yet, but this is what I have going today:

ocean art

Look how unique it is. There’s tumbled glass, antique clear glass buttons, ocean colored beads, clear cut beads, and a glass dolphin in the middle.

Here’s to following inspiration, whenever and however it shows up, just because!

Hope you have a great Tuesday.



  1. I really like the tumbled glass. I have a necklace I bought from a South African artist and she uses old green Coke bottles, shapes and tumbles the pieces of glass and strings them on wire. It is one of my favorite pieces. It will be interesting to see what you do with these!

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    • Hi Betty. I appreciate that, thank you. Linda (with the tumbled glass) actually sent me that little glass dolphin. It’s a pendant from a necklace. It’s pretty. I think I’ll keep an eye out for more dolphin jewelry to use in pieces.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi. How are you doing? Thanks so much. Love when new ideas show up. Isn’t that cool? Such a great idea when there’s no ocean for sea glass. I’d love to get a polisher. It would be fun to give new meaning to trashed glass.

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