Fairy Wing Upgrade

Recently I wrote a post about a fairy I am working on and mentioned how at first, I had crowded the head and the wing, but after learning how to paint that hummingbird, I knew how to fix it.

After that post, I kept working on the piece. I ran into a few issues with the canvas where the glue had been. The area above her head had a bit of canvas damage that I didn’t like and couldn’t fix.

That happens, you know, in art. Sometimes stuff just doesn’t quite work. It reminds me of my sewing days when I got a crooked stitch or when I used to cross stitch and got off on my squares.

One cool thing about doing something new in art is allowing ourselves some grace if we don’t get things ’just so’ the first time.

There’s a book called, ”The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron that I read it a couple years ago. One huge thing I took from it was how she talks about letting ourselves be beginners.

I’d never made a fairy before= total beginner. I could’ve just tried it, not liked it, and quit, but I kept going. And, for me, it’s in those steps of doing and redoing, where the lessons and beauty lives.

So, I got a new canvas and began again. I knew I liked the fairy’s head and bun, so I started there. I painted in her body and wings to use as a template for gluing the jewelry.

Here she is, at the moment. Not quite finished, but getting closer:

fairy wing upgrade I’m working on

This is after paint and before gluing:

fairy redo

I feel really good about starting over, even though I did love how the other one looked. It was smaller, with tiny beads, but this one has a lot more sparkle. Plus, I love the roses in this one, too.

Thank you for reading. Hope you’re day is great!



  1. Beautiful! I don’t think we can expect to get things exactly right the very first time we do something – anything – including art. I like how the “trust” is part of the angel!

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  2. The fairy looks so pretty. I told my husband yesterday that I love the jewelry that you use in your art. It’s not anything that I would wear, but you put it together so nicely and create these beautiful pieces, like the fairy.

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    • You told you husband about my art??? Sweetest thing everrrrr! Thank you so much. I agree, this jewelry isn’t something I’d personally wear, but I love buying and creating with it. Thank you for saying ‘beautiful pieces.’ Made my day!

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  3. She is beautiful!

    And “One cool thing about doing something new in art is allowing ourselves some grace if we don’t get things ’just so’ the first time.” applies to most things in life, doesn’t it? I’m glad I learned that finally.

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