Nature Inspires Art

A few days ago, my husband was making some vegetables to put on the grill. I walked into the kitchen when he was well into dicing and I spotted the most beautiful *flowers* on the counter!


the way my husband cut the peppers
made them into flowers

Now, I know they’re not really flowers, but I grabbed them to take a picture anyway, because as artists, we can get inspiration from things we see.

Nature is an amazing source for getting art ideas. We have ten acres and right now five acres have lots of wildflowers on them.

This week I created this painting and used recycled tumbled glass to put on the petals.

a painting I did this week

We live near the Mark Twain National Forest and by the Ozark Mountains. We hike and I love mountains. This week I was making a gift for a friend who also hikes.

I had zero idea on how to paint mountains so I did an online search. Two different mountains videos on (I put mountains in her search box) gave me some ideas and I painted this:

my mountain painting I made this week

I added beads and a pendant for the river and a couple of flowers for fun.

Nature is a gift on so many levels. I especially appreciate how nature inspires art.

Hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. This afternoon, I’ve been reading many of your posts about your creations. You’ve inspired me to go on the hunt for used jewelry that I can up cycle. I’m learning to paint on spent palm sheaths (some call them fronds) after I collected several that were blown off the trees in our South Texas winter resort. I think “jewels” will dress up some of them nicely. Thanks again for the inspiration, Jessica! You’re a talented maker. 😊

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    • Wow!!! Thank you so much!! First for reading my posts and second for connecting ‘inspiration/inspire’ to me!!! Thank you for saying I’m a talented maker! HUGE smiles here. I cannot wait to see what you find and make!

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    • Hi. Thanks so much. I like to combine a bunch of stuff, haha. It was fun to make the river come to life, so to speak. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.


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