Chalkboard Easel

Remember this?

inspiration started here

It became this:

inspiration started as one thing
and became another

Want to hear the really cool thing about this piece? It’s an easel!

dolphin chalkboard easel I’m making

The other side has a second chalkboard:

the chalkboard easel has two sides

The empty side became this:

dolphin on one side
heart on the other

I thought I’d share some reasons why I love this kind of art, because, if you like it, it is totally something you could do.

  1. It’s relatively inexpensive if you can buy some things used.
  2. I try to buy all of my jewelry and beads ’pre-owned.’
  3. When I started, I would look for things like ’bead soup’ or ’craft jewelry destash’ or ’junk jewelry lots.’
  4. ‘Bead soup’ for example, will normally have several or many beads mixed together for a decent price.
  5. Canvases I buy new. Some places have value packs, where there are like 6 canvases for a set price.
  6. I try to find used home decor items to makeover. This easel I found ’pre-owned’ on eBay and because I ’watched it’, the seller sent me an offer. I got for around $4 plus shipping.
  7. I also love this art because the creativity in it is endless. There are no rules to what can be created.
  8. I love that I can dump all of my beads and jewelry onto the table and dig around and find different pieces to add to things.
  9. Anyone can do this. It’s easy to learn and is super versatile.
  10. This art makes unique gifts. I love making gifts. My momma loved giving gifts, and so do I. It’s fun to be able to sit down and create something that is straight from my heart.

If you’re interested in doing this kind of art, let me know. I could write a post about some places I get supplies and do some how-to posts for different ‘getting started’ ideas.

Hope you have a wonderful day!



    • Hi!! Thank you so much. Those roses are actually off of a set of string lights I bought recently. Beautiful lights, battery operated. But, I pulled all the roses off. Ha ha.

      Yayyyyy!!! I’ll do that, thank you. And, my offer still stands, I’d love to make you a gift if you’re open to it. If not, that’s fine, too.


  1. Jessica, I would love to learn how to do this. I have thought of taking my Grandma and my mom’s jewelry and making gifts for my sister, niece, and daughter to remember them by. I got this idea from you! That jewelry has just been sitting in my basement. I like to give gifts with meaning. I like how you redid the dolphin one. Now, it looks like the dolphin is jumping out of the water! Looks great!


    • Hi! Oh!! I am so excited for you and your mom’s and grandma’s jewelry! Out of the basement it will come. I bet you will make them some gorgeous gifts. I love what you said about making them gifts to remember them by. They will LOVE that. Plus, I am excited that you want to learn how to do this. I think I’ll make a new blog category with where to starts and how to’s. Thank you for your input!

      Thank you. I like how it turned out, too. I tried to love it when it was all mixed up, but my logic part of my brain was like, “what?” Ha ha. That’s the great thing about laying stuff out before gluing. It can change. Thank you for your comments.

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      • Thank you for writing those blogs. I will probably start on them in the fall. I will have to think of what each likes. I know my sister likes owls. I should also make one for my DIL. She likes plants. The others I have to think on more. Last Christmas, I wrote a post “Good Gifts Given.” I know it seems like I am trying to get you to read my posts, but I’m really not. But you may enjoy that post sometime. I really do look forward to your jewelry posts – as well as the other blog, too!


        • Oooo, I’ll look that up! I appreciate you sharing things you’ve written that you think I’ll like. Oh my gosh, an owl sounds super fun. Lots of possibilities with it. And, plants would be really pretty, too. No hurry on reading whatever I put together about this. Thank you for your last line. That means so much to me. I look forward to your posts, too. You nailed Friday Funnies today with all those cow jokes!

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  2. You really do inspire me. I have tons of old jewelry that is broken and such and I just haven’t thrown it away, in hopes I would repurpose it. I thought about making more jewelry, but maybe making art out of something else would be fun. You may get me started playing around with it. I do need a glue gun. I gave mine away because “I don’t do crafts”.

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    • Well, that is just about the best news ever!! I LOVE that you said I inspire you! ❤️❤️ Thank you for that!! That’s so awesome that you have tons of broken jewelry. I’d love to see what you can/could make. And, the jewelry doesn’t have to be perfect, even pieces with a missing stone, still have beauty to share. I also use a non toxic tacky type glue. The one I get is from Dollar General and it’s under $5. It holds the jewels tightly on canvas. I tested it out before I sent my art into the world. I used to make jewelry- mostly bracelets, too. There’s so many possibilities for jewelry art. PS mailed your gift the other day. It’s supposed to arrive around Monday, July 18!

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      • Oh, I’ll get my gift the day before my birthday! A perfect gift!

        Dollar General glue? Hmmmm….you know I think I may have some different glues here. I’ll have to hit the boxes I haven’t unpacked since I moved here a year ago!


        • Oh my goodness, how wonderful that it will arrive by your birthday!!! That’s so great. I hope you like them.

          Oooo, I have doing some of that, too. Opening boxes I haven’t unpacked. Sometimes some pretty cool stuff shows up that I forgot about.


    • Hi. Thank you very much. I tried to see if I can find more dolphins like it, no luck yet. It’s a glass necklace pendant. I originally tried to go with disorder, but my math brain didn’t like the no logic to the scene- ha ha. So, I created some ‘waves’ and ‘coral.’

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