Statement Necklaces Can Add Style to Art

On Saturday’s post about the 100 mile yard sale, I’d mentioned that in between towns I got an deal on three J Crew necklaces on eBay.

They came today, aren’t they beautiful?

my new-to-me J Crew statement necklaces

They are called statement necklaces or bib necklaces. I love them!!! One online search with ’statement necklace’ or ’bib necklace’ in the search box will bring up many types and styles.

What I especially love about them is:

  • they tend to be big and chunky, which is great for art pieces
  • the vintage ones can be from the 1990’s from brands like J Crew, Banana Republic, Anne Taylor, etc.
  • so far, the ones I have purchased are made from cut glass
  • the jeweled parts typically run collar bone to collar bone or sometimes under the collar bone and the rest is normally some type of chain, which can be repurposed, too
  • the prices (US) are pretty fair, the most I’ve spent on a single necklace was $15, and it was all cut glass
  • sometimes in junk jewelry lots, some of the rhinestones can be missing, but all of the statement necklaces I’ve gotten have been complete
  • can buy them in a variety of places, both new and vintage
  • most are flat backed pieces which works well for gluing
  • generally, jump rings hold the pieces together, so a twist with pliers can open the jump rings and the necklaces can be taken apart
  • very unique, pretty, and can be affordable, depending on the maker and style

It will be fun to make something these that I got today. I’ve been wanting to make a flower piece, so maybe I’ll see what I can come up with.

Hope your day is really nice,



    • Wow!! Thank you SO much! So far I’ve only done local art shows. Maybe I ought to look into online sales. I have looked into websites that allow selling and like Etsy, but just haven’t done it. I’d love to make you something- I’ll look into how I could do it. Thank you for asking. I love that you asked.

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