Creating DIY Jewelry Gifts

Making stuff with old jewelry is my passion. There’s all this jewelry that’s out and about in the world and it’s either not worn anymore or some of it can be worn, but says to me, ”hey, that would make amazing art!”

One thing I love is creating really unique DIY jewelry gifts. For instance, take a look at this piece I’m working on:

a heart I’m working on for a friend

This friend loves the color yellow. By simply painting the canvas yellow, it’s already tailored towards her.

a boho looking owl

Her style is somewhat boho. Knowing this allows me to choose pieces of jewelry and beads that go with things she likes.

After tracing a cut out heart onto my painted canvas, I started gluing jewelry on. I use a non toxic white craft glue that’s less than five dollars a bottle. It works well.

you can use different jewels to match someone’s personality
close ups of some of the sparkly pieces I’m using

Why this type of art is awesome for DIY Gifts:

  • the supplies are pretty inexpensive
  • canvases are available in many places and at different price ranges
  • can use acrylic paints which tend to dry quickly, depending on the number of coats
  • if you know the person’s favorite colors and tastes, you can make something just for them
  • could even use pieces of jewelry they have, like from their grandma or mom
  • can make different sizes, some people don’t have room for a giant wall hanging, but might have space on a mantle or table for a piece of art
  • can find jewelry at yard sales, flea markets, antique stores, and online which can help keep the total DIY gift cost down
  • can be a simple shape, like the heart I’m doing, or can be whatever you like
  • can be made by beginners, advanced artists or anywhere in between
  • fun!!!!

I can’t wait to finish this heart and send it to her. Please let me know if you create any DIY jewelry gifts for someone, I’d love to see them.

Hope you have a fabulous day!



    • Hi! Oh my goodness, yes! I agree. Some pieces are so exquisite- Art Deco and things. I love the idea of a super simple dress with a showy, sparkly necklace. Love the different eras of jewelry, too. Some refined, some huge and colorful. Thank you for your comments.

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    • Ohhh, you do??? I love that so much! I have a few pieces of both grandma’s jewelry and some of my momma’s. Such keepsakes. Thank you, I’m so happy you’re enjoying them. You made my day! 🙂

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