New Junk Jewelry

My new-to-me jewelry came today. I’ve seen it referred to as junk jewelry, craft jewelry, and salvaged jewelry, but I think it’s more like a treasure sometimes.

My lot today is super pretty and I thought I’d show you what it included. I had asked the Etsy seller for beads to use in word art and some rhinestone type pieces.

part of a junk jewelry lot I bought

This first photo has a couple of necklaces, some bracelets, single earrings, necklace pieces, and see that big gold thing? That is an earring! I remember big earrings like that in the 1980’s. Ha ha.

the other part of the junk jewelry lot I got today

This second picture has some pretty neat stuff as well. In the top left corner is a heart necklace pendant. Under it, there’s a round blue one that has three little angels on it- so sweet. There are three necklaces, three bracelets, and several pieces from necklaces. See that purple thing in the middle? That’s an earring! So unique.

Junk jewelry lots are so cool because of the variety in them. For instance, I showed you the dolphin I am working on. Well, I am short a few pieces for spots to fill in. Not anymore with this new stuff today.

It seems like even unmatched, mixed up items can work perfectly together. Love that!

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a nice day.



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