Gifts Galore

One time I heard that fifteen minutes of someone’s time is worth a thank you. Sometimes a simple utterance of those two words, is plenty. But, other times, ’thank you’ doesn’t feel like enough.

That sums up a couple of recent situations where two different people have been so incredibly kind to me during my momma’s passing. Actually, when I think of them, I get a lump in my throat, and tears of gratefulness fill my eyes.

We’ve all heard it time and time again that kindness matters. I knew it did. I try to live a kindness filled life.

But, sometimes, when our hearts are a bit broken or even a little bruised, that’s when kind acts really shine through.

My dolphin and heart pieces are finished. I am packing them up this morning. The cards are filled out and soon the boxes will be at the post office.

I’m a bit old fashioned and sometimes say, ’my cup runneth over’ when the moment is right. Today, my cup is definitely running over.

Here are the finished pieces and a mermaid tail that’s been waiting for a home. It’s going with the heart.

this mermaid tail and the heart are going to Florida
this and the mermaid tail are going to Florida
this dolphin is going to Ohio

P.S. For the ones asking if I sell my art somewhere, I’m researching how to do it. Thank you for asking.

Hope you have a wonderful day.



    • Hi. My goodness, thank you so much. And, thank you for the hugs. You said it the best way I’ve heard it so far- ‘journey of grieving.’


  1. Jessica, those are gorgeous. Your friends will love them.

    Those people who support us when we lose a parent are amazing. When my dad died I was so touched by the friends that showed up at his memorial service. It was a few days before Christmas, on a weekday afternoon. I didn’t really expect any of my friends to show up. It meant more than I would have expected.

    Yay for your friends. They are indeed jewels.

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    • Oh my goodness, your last line. Insert a billion hearts here.

      I’m sorry to hear you lost your dad. How amazing that your friends showed up at his service. Makes ME want to hug them! At mom’s visitation, my high school classmates I hadn’t seen in 20 years showed up. I agree with you about the people who support us during parent loss- sooooo incredibly amazing.

      Thank you for saying my pieces are gorgeous. That means a lot to me.


  2. Jessica, your art is very beautiful. I especially like the heart, but all of it is really great. I love the colors. The combination of yellow and blue is one of my favorites. I look forward to seeing more of your creations. I am glad your heart is full even though you are still sad about your mom.

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    • Hi. Thank you- that is a great point. All my life I thought a full heart (joy) and sadness were two separate things and could not exist at the same moment. ‘If you’re happy, you’re happy.’ ‘If you’re sad, you’re sad.’ Now, I see that both at once are possible and really, that is a gift. I think it’s because mom was an artist and creator all my life. It took me quite a while to start doing art after she passed and now it feels right again. So, while I miss her so very much, it feels ok to feel some joy again, too.

      Thank you for your kind comments about my art! I’m so happy you love the heart. I love hearts. I appreciate everything you said. Thank you.

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      • You are honoring her by doing art again. It sounds like you got that talent/skill/desire from her! She would want you to feel joy, I’m sure.

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      • Hi. If you’re open to it, I’d love to make you a gift. Yellow and blue, of course. I love that you mentioned yellow and blue. I got some canvases yesterday and I have something in mind I’d like to make.

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      • Oh my gosh. That is so kind. In the past, when offered a gift from a blogging friend, I responded by saying, say a prayer for me, that is the perfect gift. But your art is so beautiful, and I feel such meaning in the gift, I can’t refuse. I would be honored, and I would treasure it.

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      • You are very sweet, and I appreciate your generosity. However, as far as my mom goes, she wouldn’t be able to appreciate it. She is still my mom, and I love her so, but at this point, she just needs prayers. I hope you are not offended and understand.

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      • Jessica, I don’t even know what this gift is, but I already love it. Your description of it tells me it is just perfect for me! I will email you my address. I am so glad we have met through blogging. You are a jewel of a person. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day.

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      • Good morning. You made me smile with ‘jewel’ of a person. That’s very sweet. I’m really happy we met as well. I’m working on your piece, finishing a few things.

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