I’m Going For It

A few days ago, I started writing a post. I’d been contemplating throwing my art to the curb, so I was writing my thoughts about things.Those thoughts have been sitting in ‘drafts’ while I’ve dug through ‘what to do.’

Digging through the why’s hasn’t been that fun, but it has been enlightening. In fact, the process has led to some lightbulb moments.

Original Thoughts I Had in Drafts:

‘Last night I had a dream about art, my art. About gathering pieces and styles and silver. It was pretty timely actually, because I have been considering giving it up.

I’ve talked about it before- the let down of of creating pieces that are complimented, but not purchased. And, this isn’t about prices being too high. I’ve always priced things from very low, super affordable, to almost too cheap.

There lies the dilemma. IF my things are easy on the pocketbook, yet I still pack up everything at the end of an arts and craft show, am I selling something that’s just not needed?

I know, I know… maybe it’s just that those shows just aren’t the right venue for what I have to offer, or maybe I haven’t chosen the right town size. Or perhaps this or that or a million other things.

All that thinking and considering has been exhausting! “Forget it,” I thought. In fact, all that ‘trying to figure things out’ was enough to place everything, including creating on hold, indefinitely.

I’m guessing that I’m not alone in this. I think it’s an artist thing. I mean, here we are, going along, putting our hearts into pieces, that may or may not make their way to their intended destinations. At some point, it’s probably normal to question the who, what, and why’s.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about something, so I thought I’d share it.

My momma made the most beautiful jewelry. She did many art forms and rocked them all, but in particular, she had an eye for jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, anklets, and necklaces were created in her craft room.

Sparkling beads filled drawers and she had some amazing designs. At times I mentioned that she could sell them. This was when online selling was almost like a novelty, it was very new.

I can’t speak for her, but I’d guess her reaction to making that jump to selling online was probably similar to the one I have, “who, me?”

At one point, she made some simple, dainty yet stunning bracelets in pink crystals. She didn’t sell them, but she kept making them. I suggested maybe donating them to a healing center about 20 miles from their rural home. She never took me up on that.

Maybe her goals weren’t about sales. I think she created to create. Thinking about her art is making me try to figure out the goals for mine.’

Current Thoughts I’m Having:

  • Could I just throw my art to the curb? Sure.
  • Do I really, really, really want to do that? No.
  • Could I consider other options? Yes.
  • Is putting my art ‘out there’ in venues I haven’t tried yet a risk? Absolutely!
  • Could I fail? Oh my goodness, yes!
  • Is fear of failure enough to keep me from trying?????

Hmmm… it used to be. There’s been a million times in my life, I haven’t tried something.

Until last November.

While my husband was off at deer camp last November, I so very nervously started THIS blog. After purchasing my domain and setting it up, I only told my bestie. I was sooooooooo scared this blog would flop. I mean, who, me???

Did it flop? No way! Look at all these posts, gift exchanges, and friends I’ve made! Miracles!

Soooooo….. here it is, November, and my husband is back at deer camp…

On our fun day out yesterday, my boy and I went to a local flea market I LOVE. About a month ago, I was chatting with the owner about possibly renting a booth. I’ve talked myself out of it a thousand times, but guess what I did yesterday?????

  1. Blog, last year!
  2. Booth, this year!

And, the really super cool thing?

She didn’t have any booths open to rent. They’re all full. Sometimes there’s even a waiting list.

But, you know what? She took me to a booth, asked if I liked it, said it is hers, but I can rent it!

It even has a small window!!!

Pleaseeeeeee don’t give up, my friends.

Because giving up doesn’t get our light and passions out into the world.

Best I can tell, maybe someone somewhere needs it.

Thanks for being here!


we believe!
one year blog birthday!


        • Yessssssss, I totally get that!! I’d love to find a representative of some sort that markets stuff for artists like me where I can just say, “this piece is done and ready” and hand it over to them and they find the marketing avenues…. because the bottom line is, I just want to make stuff. The details about what to do with it, make me want to stop creating, some days. There has to be a happy medium somewhere/ somehow.

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          • Yes agreed! Even taking pictures to make them look good online is hard for someone without photo experience/talent. Plus all the confusing online social media sites to contend with & think about how to do it & what to even do!


  1. Congratulations on your WP 1 yr!!!! I’m at my 1 yr of trying to sell my items. And as much as I’ve improved my craft over this yr, I am thinking all the same thoughts as you. I’ve done 3 shows and they’ve all been fun, but disappointing in sales. All while people in other booths/tables have been killing it! I don’t understand why either, and there are so many unknowns to try to figure it out that it hurts my brain. I have 1 more show this yr and I think I need a new approach, yet I can’t even figure that out, and only have 2 weeks to do so! I don’t want to give up either, and I hope neither of us do! NOTE to remember Van Gogh. 💗 I love your creativity & your items, so I hope this new booth venture of yours works out, proving that others love it & want to take it home too! Keep going for it girl!!!


    • What a sweet message (that I just saw!!!) Thank you so much! It helps knowing I’m not the only one trying to find my feet in this. I haven’t been back to my booth yet. Half scared, ha ha. I’ve been getting some of the eBay items I’ve ordered for it. So fun to open the mailbox. I’m going to go restock the booth Tuesday and see if anything sold. Funny you mentioned Van Gogh. I’ve been thinking about Picasso. About how no one wanted his art and he felt bad. I think you’re right, we should just keep going for it. There’s enough room for us, too!!


  2. Oh my gosh, Jessica! Your post is inspiring and motivating and you’re right, your post and mine complement each other. How wonderful. I enjoyed the elements of your story (self-doubt, dream, mom, blog anniversary, courage, coincidence). Well done! Wishing you the best! I can’t wait to read more about your booth and the experiences you will have there. 👏🏻💖

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      • I think it could be fun interacting with customers when you are in the booth, too. Maybe finding out more about what they like, look for, etc. I think that is one of your strengths in understanding what you might do differently. Art is different for each of us in what appeals, so I also think it is a matter of finding “your people” or helping them find you.

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        • Ohhhhhhh, yes!!!! Wonderful points. Love helping them find me or finding them. That’s really the heart of things. It’s the connection that matters. I’m going to start with pieces with the affirmations. The Live One, Give Ones. “I am creative.” “You are kind.” The trinket boxes. That’s what has the most interest at shows. I’m also going to do some used jewelry making books and vintage linen type stuff for a vintage feel. Kind of like a farmhouse/ shabby chic feel. It’ll be fun. My own spot! Thanks for your great words. It’s nice feeling supported!

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  3. Yay! I believe this will be a great time of learning. I believe many of your pieces just need the right home, where they will be treasured. As you make more for the shop, think of the times for which people may want a special gift. Weddings, babies, graduation, a new home, graduation, a new adventure. Think of the other reasons we give gifts – friendship, thank yous, illness, encouragement. I think of a young mom putting together her daughter’s nursery, and your pictures being a touch of whimsy and glamour. A friend wanting to make her friend with breast cancer smile. A going away present for a special person.

    And don’t prove things too low. Value your work. Others will, too.

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