Creative Inspiration

Whoa. Just looked to see when I last posted here. It’s been nearly two weeks.


I haven’t been making any art.

At all.

I haven’t even looked at my supplies.


I’ve been hiking.

Nature has been calling my name, so my boy and I have been going to natural areas and trails.

I’m not sure what exactly caused this shift to putting art on hold. I mean, here I was, all ready to put my art in a shop and was considering online sales… then, I went outside. ❤️

I think I will just sum it up to ‘creative inspiration.’ I mean, is there anything more inspiring than flowers, the sky, lakes, rivers, springs, history, woods, fresh air, or beaches?

Think of the color palette of such things. Rich blues, bright yellows, deep oranges, and more. Nature is healing my heart and opening my eyes. Gifts on all kinds of levels.

I have been writing about our adventures on my other blog. If you’d like to see where we’ve been hiking, my nature photographs, and would like to chat over there, it’s:

Will I ever make art again? Absolutely. It’s my thing, I just realize that hiking, spending time with my boy, gathering ideas from nature, and photography are my things, too.

Thanks for being here!


a beach we went to yesterday




    • Hi. Thank you so very much. That’s a great point about the weather. Once icy days hit, we’ll be staying put. Thank you, I hope these hikes and things are adding to his “mom and I did this when I was a kid” memory bank. I love hearts so I appreciate you mentioning that. Thank you.

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  1. The beautiful Fall days don’t last forever. The beauty and inspiration you feel will carry over into the colder days. Sometimes a pause from something refreshes us. I know you’ll get back to creating, and I look forward to seeing your future projects!

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    • Hi Betty. Wonderful points! Love the word refresh. I was actually looking at the pieces you gave me two days ago. It’s the first jewelry I’ve looked at in a while. Thank you for believing in my art. Appreciate that!

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    • Hi!!! Thank you. I need to get back at it. Just found out today that the Christmas craft show is Dec 3… I haven’t even rented a booth yet. Haha. Thank you, I’m really enjoying taking pictures again. We’ve been going to some amazing places. Hope you’re doing well.

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      • So are photographs something for the craft show? I would think so…one way or another! Can you jewel a photograph, or its frame? Your photographs of the beaches were really pretty, and everyone loves a beach. We are doing well and getting better–thanks. Or as one of my favorite students once said, “I know this is not correct English, but do you just get the idea it’s getting gooder and gooder?” It was a response to some work we were doing in a community, and she was so right. Like-minded people, it just gets gooder. 😎

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        • “Gooder and gooder.” Love that. A happy medium between good and great. ‘Good’ with goals, perhaps.

          And, girllllll!! I think you might be onto something… my first art LOVE is nature photography. With a camera in my hand, I get filled a passion and KNOW its what I was born to do. My mom absolutely loved my photographs. I have not figured out a way to combine them with jewelry………… I’m going to think about your suggestions. Maybe there IS a way to do both at once. Thank you so very much!!!! ❤️


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