Thank You for the Likes

This blog is tiny. Like, in the world of blogs with lotsssss of followers, my two blogs actually, are very small.

The funny thing?

I don’t even mind. Oh sure, when I started my first blog in 2015, I had dreams of “going big”. But, what I’ve learned over the years is, for me anyway, quality counts.

My blogs are small, but the quality of my followers is gigantic! You are engaged. You comment. You ‘Like.’

I also learned something recently I thought I’d tell you about. I’ve asked several Etsy sellers if I could mention them and link them on my tiny blogs.

Every single one kindly said yes. To me. And, my tiny blogs. We’re talking sellers with thousands of sales! They said yes to a girl like me.

I told them upfront, my blogs are small. Didn’t matter. Several even asked for links after I wrote the posts. Some posts on my other blog, got shared by the Etsy shop owners on social media! How cool is that?

I got this notification today and I was so excited. 22 is my favorite number!

thanks for being here

Just wanted to thank you for the ‘likes’ and for being here. I do notice and I do appreciate it!



  1. I think a big part of it is how open and friendly you are Jessica. You are excellent at taking the time to like and comment on other people’s blogs. Interest and engagement like that is greatly appreciated

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    • Hi. Thank you so much! I just saw that I have 55 followers! Pretty exciting!

      Thank you- the Etsy shops I shared on this blog were where I get supplies. One for business cards and one for junk jewelry. I don’t get any compensation, I just wanted to share them.

      On my other blog, I shared Etsy shops that were SO kind during my momma’s passing. A card shop made personalized Mother’s Day ‘without one’ cards for my dad and siblings. Another shop made custom necklaces and necklaces for me and my siblings to remember her by, and another sweet seller makes grief bracelets. I bought several of those and my grief bracelet has helped me so much. 🙂

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