The Beginning

After we do something for awhile, we seem to get used to it. We may develop a rhythm or way of excelling through things after we try it on for awhile.

The beginning though?

Whew! Sometimes it can be a doozy!

While waiting for paint, supplies, and canvas to be bought, I decided to try something completely new to me: crochet.

The past couple of days, I’ve been giving it a go. Eekssssssssss!!!! Ha ha. Well, let’s just say that I haven’t thrown the hook out the window, y e t!

Slip knot? Got it.
Chain? Check

Single Crochet? Nope- no way- nuh uh. For HOURS, I tried to extend my chain (aka, single row) into two rows. HOURS. I had a theme going:

  • try it
  • mess it up
  • cut it off
  • try again
  • mess it up
  • cut it off
  • try again
  • repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat to infinity it felt like…
11 tries at expanding my crochet chain

I never did get it. I read articles, watched videos, and looked at websites. I even tried again today. Still, nothing.

And, I realized something- I had forgotten all about the beginning! Beginnings can be hard and messy. Especially when I started jewelry art!!!

Oh boy! Did I make a lot of messes! Beads everywhere. More glue on me than on the project. And, a bunch of not very good pieces were often the result.

Not very good pieces?

Oh yeah!

But, you know what? We have to start somewhere. We start, we practice. We gain experience. We grow. Repeat.

Want to know how I started jewelry art?

I challenged myself.

Daily for a week, I challenged myself to create beaded hearts in a notebook with glue. At the end of the week, I had improved.

Then, I started adding in more things. When I got better, I added more.

But the beginning?

It was the starting and not quitting that was tricky for me.


One look at the jewelry art that others are making and the jewelry art that already exists in the world. One look on Etsy can show some really gorgeous pieces that are out there.

Here I was, totally new. Being new can kick up some self doubt, you know?

I kept at it anyway. That’s what we do when we love something. We stick it out.

The better I got, the more I realized that there is enough room in art for me. And, there’s enough room for you.

Don’t think you can do jewelry art? I bet you’d be surprised! I know I was! All it takes is starting, then practicing.

I’m guessing it’s the same for crochet. I’m not giving up on it. I want to make cute little animals and things. I already ordered a book on how to make cool pot holders.

Can I make them yet? Absolutely not! Ha ha. But, I’m going to stick with it. I’m bound to get better and maybe I’ll even get it right!

I think I’m going to make some ‘easy to start’ posts here on jewelry art. Maybe the way I started, could help you start, if jewelry art is something you’d like to try.

Thanks for reading!



  1. It’s hard to believe you had a hard time with the jewelry art. You’re so creative with it and the pieces are so pretty. Crocheting is not hard. You’ll get it. I know you’ll get it. I’ve been crocheting since I was in high school. I’ve made all kinds of things and each time I try a difficult pattern, there’s a learning curve, even now after so many years of crocheting. Can’t wait to see what you produce.

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    • Hi. That’s awesome that you’ve been crocheting since high school. Love the part about the learning curve! I’d love to see what you’ve made.

      The beginning for me in jewelry art took some practice. Trying to figure out WHAT to make took some time. And, how to do it. Starting simple helped. Daily, helped. I think I grew into it and it grew into me.

      Thank you for saying the pieces are so pretty. Means a lot!

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  2. Kudos for trying something new. I’m a writer. While I know that I’m a better writer now than I was when I started, this year has been a struggle for me creatively. However, recent events have given me the kick in the rear that I needed to start getting words on the page again.


  3. Even if we are not experts in the beginning (who would be?), it is still so good for us to try something new and to keep learning! I always enjoy reading your posts. I find them very encouraging!

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    • Hi. I’ve been thinking about you guys. Hope you’re doing ok.

      Thank you so much. I’m honored about what you said about encouraging. That cements how the posts come together- I just write what’s in my heart. I like what you said about something new and to keep learning. It reminds me of your doll house. I have zero idea how to make over a doll house. But, if I had one sitting here, I’d consider it maybe, even with no experience. 🙂 Just to try it. Same with crochet… I’m thinking about starting embroidery again- haven’t tried it for years. I looked at iron on transfers today. There’s some camper ones.

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  4. Awesome!!! We tend to forget how hard things were to learn in the beginning, when now they are so easy! Good for you for trying! You’ll get it. Maybe that single crochet in the round might be easier than in a row. If you can chain you can single crochet…it’s very similar! The chain is just grab yarn & pull thru. The single crochet is: 1. Go in first 2. grab yarn & pull thru where you went in 3. grab yarn & pull thru the two loops on your hook.

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    • Hi!! Your 1. 2. 3. was super helpful! Thank you so much. I said it out loud as I grabbed the yarn, etc. I also switched the direction of the yarn I was pulling through on the chain- made the V’s much nicer. I don’t know how to do circles yet. I was just trying to learn the basics off of some crochet websites. I’m still trying to figure out how to hold the yarn and how much tension to have. But, I’m trying it- ha ha. With your instructions, I now actually have TWO ROWS!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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