Grateful for Discount Offers on Jewelry

Lately on eBay, I’ve noticed something kind of cool. Sometimes when I see a piece of jewelry I like, I’ll click the ”watch” button so I can remember where I saw it and I can keep an eye on it.

It’s sort of like making a little favorites list and then I can go back and choose the ones I want to get from those.

What I’ve been noticing is, sometimes when I click ”watch” it can prompt offers from sellers. It doesn’t happen every time, but occasionally, it does.

For instance, I put this necklace on my watch list:

I got a 45% discount offer on this one

Then, several days later, I decided I wasn’t going to get it, so I took it off of my watch list. When I did, the seller sent me an offer for 45% off! I about fell over!

Because I don’t have the best luck on online auctions, I rarely do them. But, I did discover that on the eBay filters, there’s a thing called ’accepts offers.’ Clicking it will pull up items for sale that may take an offer.

I saw this necklace I liked, so I sent the seller an offer and they accepted:

I made an offer to a seller for this one and they accepted

One more thing I’ve noticed is, sometimes on eBay if I click the “watch” button, some sellers may send an offer, simply because I’m watching the item.

That’s what happened with this necklace. I clicked ”watch” and I got an offer:

a seller sent me an offer on this one

My sister sells a lot of stuff online,, so she may understand all the logic about offers. I really don’t understand all that, but that’s ok.

I’m just so grateful I’ve been given some offers for discounts on jewelry because, the less I spend on buying the jewelry, the more pieces of art I can make. And, the more I can make, the more I can share. Yay!! Win-win!!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day!



  1. Pretty finds! I notice on Etsy if I favorite an item I may later get a 10% off coupon for it…and it might have been with Darn Good Yarn when I left items in my cart but didn’t purchase them, they sent me a discount to complete my order! Always like a discount!!!

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    • Ohh, daisies are your favorite? That’s a good choice for a favorite. We have wild daisies in our pasture every spring. I love that necklace, too. It’s by Banana Republic and I *think* it’s from the 1990’s. Those flowers are cut glass. It is absolutely stunning. It’s the second one I’ve purchased. I’ve only seen three of them total, so far. One was listed for $45- too high for me. I got my first one for $16 and this one was $18. Pretty great prices for cut glass and vintage, I thought. Plus, I can make several art pieces out of one necklace. I love these vintage pieces. So much character.


    • Hello. Thanks! It seems like the more we get into arts/crafts, the more we learn. I had no idea about the discount offers until I got some. I usually pick pieces that are in my price range, so to get a discount offer on something that I could buy is so exciting! It’s like finding a favorite sweater on sale.

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