Maybe Skip This One Betty

Funny title, isn’t it? It’ll make sense in a few minutes, ha.

As most of you know, I lost my momma a couple of months ago. It’s been flat out difficult because it was super sudden and completely unexpected. Oh, how I miss her, every day.

I can’t even begin to tell you how genuinely kind people have been. Friends, family, and even bloggers have reached out with words of encouragement and amazing acts of kindness.

Recently, I wrote a post called, ”Gifts Galore.” It was about how I was making gifts for two people who had been really nice to me during this. The thing is, I barely know them.

One is the Etsy shop owner who made ’first Mother’s Day without our mom’ cards for me to send my dad and siblings. Talk about nice, she has been amazing. The second owns an Etsy shop and makes Fleetwood Mac necklaces.

When she was in the hospital, my momma wanted one of those necklaces. I ordered it, but sadly, it came two days after she passed. She LOVED Fleetwood Mac and raised us listening to them. Since then, I have ordered several necklaces and a key chain for my siblings. The seller has been super sweet.

Enter, ”Gifts Galore.” Their kindnesses prompted me to make them something and to write about it.

The comments from bloggers that came in on that post touched my heart. Have I met these bloggers in real life, no. Have we been reading each other’s blogs long? No. Do they really know me, outside of what I’ve written? Not really. Doesn’t matter. You know?

Heart touched.

After reading those, I got this idea: make gifts.

I asked the commenters if they’d be open to getting a gift from me. Some said yes. I have been working on art pieces and have one done, two started, and a couple to begin.

I wanted to show you the church for Betty, (which I haven’t mailed yet, thus the title. Ha ha.) The roses are so she might not see her gift. But, if she sees it, that’s a-ok, too.

saw this beauty on Saturday
roses in the woods I saw Saturday
church I made for Betty

So, why in the world would I share this church now, before I even send it?

Honestly, it’s because I’ve been missing my momma today. And, it is reminder for me that kindness counts.

Sometimes, whether we know someone or not, kindness counts. Kindness counted on “Gifts Galore.” Kindness counts always.

So, if you do and up reading this, Betty, surprise!! I hope you like your church.

To everyone else reading, thanks for supporting me and my art blog. It really does mean a lot.

Hope you have a great day!



    • Hiii. Four years doesn’t seem very long… I bet you do miss her so much. Time in this process is like a blink. It feels like 5 minutes ago that I saw her, was talking to her, but the calendar says, it’ll be 4 months on Sunday. 4 months?? That’s a 1/3 of a year already. Time makes no sense in this… it’s been a pretty weepy week for me. Tears falling often, like they did back towards the beginning. Music especially will cause tears to stream down. Last night, a James Taylor song came on and my cheeks got soaked. ❤️

      I don’t know if you saw it, but I offered to make you a gift. It was on a different post. You’ve been very kind about my momma and I’d love to make you something if you’re open to it.


    • Hi. Thank you so much. I understand- it was in May when I wrote about it some. Couldn’t write or create anything for a longggg time. Long for me anyway, I was used to creating daily and that stopped. March 16 she went into the hospital. Suddenly in 10 days, she was gone. Days are definitely getting better, but yesterday, whew, thoughts of missing her cascaded into remembering how kind people have been to me. Including you today. ‘Thank you’ seems small. Please know your words are very appreciated. 💜💜💜

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    • Hi. I appreciate that. I wrote about it in May. Had mentioned some things about it here and there, and you’ve just been so supportive of my art. For me, that art support has opened doors for me to continue creating during some difficult days. My goodness, there is such grace in that. My momma loved art and I love art. You’ve been generously kind in the “art support” and I wanted to make you something sooooo much. 😊😊 The days are lots easier now, time heals, they say. Yesterday, I suddenly remembered something about her and gratitude for everyone came flooding in. 😊❤️💜

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      • Creating art is healing. 💗 I started my blog a few months after losing my father, in 2019. Writing helped me work through the grief, which is ongoing process. Photography has also brought tremendous joy. A hobby I enjoyed as a young person then life took over. My father got into photography in his later years. Similar to your connection with art and your mom, getting back into photography reminds me of my dad. 💞 Gratitude, yes! Best to you!

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        • I love that on many levels. I’m sorry you lost your father. Parent loss is rough. One thing I’ve learned is there’s no preparing for parent loss. Love that you and he had photography in common. Same for me and my dad. I love what you said about the connection with art and mom. I was thinking about that today- she was always creating. Many different mediums, too. Never stopped at just one art form, just kept expanding her talents. I see now that watching her do art really played into my love for doing art. I never really connected the dots until now. I appreciate your time and words. Thank you very much. 🌸💗❤️

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  1. Okay. I tried not to read this. And I didn’t – for a while. But then I just had to. The church is beautiful, and I am very touched that you would make that for me. All I did was say a few heartfelt words when I learned about your momma. You’ve reminded me of how important simple acts of kindness can be. We never know how much someone could be hurting and how our words, our acts can be the thing that lifts them through a few rough moments. I’m so sorry about your mom. I know it is going to take some time. Perhaps some time you can write more about your mom. When I lose someone I love, I think about the best parts of them. Then I think maybe I can honor them by working to have those qualities live on in me. Even if your mom did not get that necklace, I am sure she knew how very much you loved her. I can just tell. And Love is what counts. If you do write about her, it doesn’t have to be all in one post. Maybe just a simple memory. Or one quality. I’ve written several posts about my dad. Each one honors one part of him. And my dad passed in 1993, so time doesn’t matter. Your love, your memories of your mom, her influence, will be with you for the rest of your life. Jessica, I’m so glad we’ve connected. Even though your mom has passed, she is still very much with you. God bless you. P.S. It’s funny that you pictured roses. Rose is my middle name. 🙂 Do you believe in God winks? I do!


    • Tears
      THIS is what I’m talking about. Compassion and understanding that jump off the page. I’m probably going to reread what you said about a hundred thousand times. Especially about the necklace. Can’t even tell you how hard it was to open her necklace. I love what you said about their qualities living on in you. Maybe sometime I’ll be able to write about her. I did write about her and dad bunches on my other blog 5 years ago or so. I’ve reread those old posts. Love that you’ve written about your dad. And, what you said about time.

      The church is because you had mentioned if someone offered a gift before, prayers could be exchanged instead and also because of our conversation about me sending prayers to your mom. I love this church. It’s hand drawn and so simple. It’s my first and only church I’ve done. It’s got yellow and blue.

      I love that you didn’t look, then you did. And, I love that book, God Winks. I believe. I didn’t know your middle name was Rose! That’s pretty awesome. Thank you so much!

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        • Good morning. I’m happy you like it. I love those old country churches on quiet gravel roads. Simple spaces where families gather and picnics are held. This piece reminds me of that. Hope your day is glorious.

          This weekend my boy and I are having a surprise swim party for my husband’s birthday. He has no idea!!! We’ve had it planned for a month! Have around 50 invited. Forecast says it’s supposed to be 100 degrees, ha ha- thank goodness for our pool. It’s a potluck, so I’m picking out recipes today. What are you up to today?

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          • The church does remind me of some country churches I have seen. I love simple. The party for your husband sounds great! I bet your son is really excited to surprise him, too. It is really hot here, also. Tonight is our first night of the pickleball league. We play at 6 pm. It will be hot, but hopefully it will be okay. Other than that, we aren’t doing much. Just taking a walk this morning before it is too hot! I hope you have a good day, too!


    • Hi. That’s beyond sweet- thank you seems inefficient. You’ve been very kind to me too and it is noticed. I appreciate what you said about mom. She loved art. Handmade many things for us. Makes me smile. Thanks, again.


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