Rosie and Roam

This is Rosie and Roam:

Rosie is the lab, Roam is the mini Australian Shepard

THEY are the reason my blog is named, Jeweled Again By Jessica.

About a year and a half ago, I decided I wanted to open an Etsy shop, I needed a name for my art stuff.

Well, there millions of Etsy shops, which means millions of names are already taken. I spent months trying to come up with a name and every time I did, some version of it was already being used.

One afternoon, I was out by our barn. I was asking Rosie and Roam what I should name it. Name brainstorming followed. Recycle? Reuse? And, how to tie that into jewelry + canvas + art + ‘something that was once beautiful is still beautiful.’

A few minutes later, Jeweled Again fell out. I instantly loved it. I texted a friend, she loved it. And, Rosie and Roam? They loved it. Ha Ha!!

I never did start an Etsy shop, but I wanted the name, so I got this blog.

Here’s something funny, Rosie is my neighbor’s dog, but she loves me, too. She comes to see me a lot. If she’s at home and sees me outside, she comes dashing over. How sweet is that?

Here are a couple more pictures, just for fun. We have lots of cats and Roam has a brother named Tugg. They turn age four in July. We also have three guinea pigs.

Rosie, Roam, Ruby-yellow, Coco-gray and white
kittens following me to the barn this morning and Tugg stopping for an itch
me trying to get Roam to sit by Rosie for a picture

Hope you have an amazing day!



    • Hi. Thank you. I pretty much love the name, it feels like home. Aren’t they hilarious? They follow me everywhere. We live in a country subdivision and if I go to a neighors or even a walk, when I turn around, here they all come. When I turn around, they follow me home. Sweet and funny.

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  1. What a fun story of how your blog got its name! And your animals are so cute. I used to have a guinea pig named Dale many years ago but I had to give her to a new family when I moved. I miss her. I would love to have another one but I’m not sure how my dog would react. Haha!

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    • Hi, thanks so much. ❤️ I love the name Dale for a guinea pig. I bet she was cute. I understand about the dog thing, ha ha. Roam and Tugg were not amused when we got more pets besides them. But, they eventually became friends with all the kittens and guinea pigs. My friend gave me the first guinea pig about 2 years ago. Then, on my son’s and my birthday (we have the same one), we got 2 more. I named mine Stevie.

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          • Haha! Those are cute names! I have 3 cats – Oatmeal, Amber and Mrs. Cat Litter. 😂 My dog is mixed coon hound and border collie. We rescued him last year and he was so scared of everything. He’s opened up a lot.

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            • Coon hound and border collie sound like a nice mix. Best of both. LOVE your kitten names!! And, that you have 3. Last year 2 cats were like 4 months and BOTH got pregnant by some boy tom cat down the road!! While we were waiting for the the first one to get kittens weaned, she got pregnant again. Baby kitties everywhere. Hahahaha. Your cat names are the best. Mrs. Cat Litter is funny. Our guinea pigs are named Kitten One, Kitten Two, and Stevie. My kiddo wanted kittens, but we got the guinea pig first, hence the name. Ha. Hilarious adventures in pets.


  2. Rosie and Roam look very cute. We just saw an Australian Shepard puppy yesterday when we were out walking the neighborhood. So cute! We have a calico cat. We used to have a tabby cat too, but she passed away before we moved here. I like the name “Jeweled Again.” I don’t know what is involved in an Etsy shop. I wonder if you’d be able to sell on your own without setting that up. I know there are features in WordPress to take payment. (I think.) That gray and white cat looks pretty, too. Our cat is very affectionate. Hope you have a good day!


    • You have a calico? What’s its name? I have a calico kitten named Millie. Her nose is half pink. Ha ha. Australian Shepherds are definitely cute- I got these two because they were *suppose to be* small and I thought “lap dogs.” Roam is little. Tugg is a solid 40 pounds.

      Thank you, I’m happy you like Jeweled Again. I think you’re right about WordPress and payments- I need to look that up. Thank you for the idea.

      It’s hot here, bet it is there, too. I got in the pool last night and watched that beautiful moon rise. The water was so warm. One plus in all this heat. Hope your day is cool yet sunny!

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      • Our cat’s name is Sammy. We’ve had her for 14 years. I got her when I worked at the community college, so we don’t know exactly how old she is. We have a pool in our subdivision, so I can ride my bike to swim. However, I got my Covid booster yesterday, and I am not quite myself. So, we are watching the Cardinals. My husband loves baseball. 🙂 It’s a good day to watch a doubleheader. No pickleball today! The moon rise sounds lovely.

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