Not Quite Junk Jewelry

My recent jewelry order came and I just have to say, it’s not quite junk. If you’re new here, this thing called junk jewelry, craft jewelry, or salvaged jewelry.

If you go on eBay or Etsy and type junk jewelry into a search box, many different kinds of pieces will come up. For instance, a junk jewelry lot might include single earrings, pendants, brooches, some broken, some whole.

Check out what I got yesterday:

not so junk jewelry I got

There’s a flower basket, a butterfly, on the right- that is a bracelet that the seller gave me as a gift, the little things are connectors (also a seller gift), a pin of a boho type woman, and that beautiful blue necklace! I especially like this brooch because it’s so unique:

a brooch I got for about 3 dollars

This stuff came at the perfect time. I am working on two pieces right now. A butterfly and a tree:

butterfly I’m working on
a tree I’m making

Besides these, I am working on two pieces for blogging friends and a birthday gift. Junk or not quite junk, I really love creating one of a kind art with jewelry.

Thank you for reading.



    • Isn’t that kind different that ‘junk’ is attached to them?? Lucky for me, I guess. Junk jewelry often times offers a lower price tag. The more I can buy, the more I can make.

      Hey, I wanted to ask you if I could make you a gift for all your kindnesses about mom, etc. You had commented on Gifts Galore, something very kind. I got an idea to make some gifts. I asked a couple of bloggers who commented on that post, too. 🙂


    • My gosh, I’m sorry! I just saw this. Thank you, I thought it was some unique things that could possibly make some pretty cool stuff.

      How are you doing? Been hiking any? It’s really hot here- 100 for the next 10 days…

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      • Hiking, yes but nothing to write about. Today it’s cool, in the high 50s right now. When I see all the jewelry you buy, it gives me ideas of what to do with my mom’s “junk” jewelry. She has tons of it that neither my sister or I want. Someday we’ll be dealing with getting rid of it.

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        • It’s 50 degrees hotter here… 50 sounds kind of nice. Ha ha. Ideas for making or selling your mom’s jewelry?

          Hey, on Gifts Galore I mentioned to you that I’d like to make you a gift, just for be so nice to me during my momma loss and supporting my jewelry stuff. I didn’t know if you saw that comment or not.

          I am making art pieces for the kind bloggers who commented on Gifts Galore that day. I have two and a half done. If you’re open to it, I’d love to make you something.

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            • I asked you and a couple others the first day, then 2 more. I think there were 5 commenters all together. Sometimes notifications don’t show or sometimes comments go to spam, so I didn’t know if you saw it. I didn’t know whether to ask again or not, in case it was a big no. Haha. But, I thought maybe you didn’t see it, so I’d ask again. Happy I did! Yayyyyy!! 😊😊😊

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              • It’s ok- I may have not worded it well. 🙂

                I’m excited to make something for you. It’s going to be really fun. I just want to thank you for being so sweet and kind. Thank you so much!

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  1. It’s all really beautiful & unique! I’ve done something kind-of similar with ripped magazine pieces…I called it ‘desk art’ because I glued a random collage to my desk at work to have something pretty to look at while working lol!

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    • Oh my gosh- I LOVE those words desk art!! And, that’s funny/ creative/ imaginative about your desk at work. What a fabulous idea. I haven’t tried magazines, but I’ve used scrapbook paper pieces on canvases and things.

      I love the idea of using paper pieces because it reminds me of putting together a puzzle- figuring out where are the pieces ‘go.’ Same for the jewelry. And, when finished, some cool stuff shows up. Thank you for your comments. Made me think about why I love this type of art! Hope you have a wonderful day.

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  2. Very nice! Have you ever considered going to estate sales to find this type of jewelry? The last day of the sale, things are usually half-price. And they may be open to offers, as well. You can find sales at You are so creative with this jewelry. Your pieces are very artistic!


    • Hi. What a fabulous idea. I hadn’t considered estate sales, but that is SO smart! Thank you! I hadn’t heard of I looked. There are several sales in our area. Thank you! I appreciate your kind words about my pieces. That’s very sweet. I can’t wait until I get your piece finished because I’m going to send a couple other things I made. They’re small and really pretty. Not sharing pictures of your stuff, so it can be a surprise. 🙂 🙂

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      • I hope the estate sales work out for you! Many sales are priced fairly, but every once in a while, you come along one where they think there is gold in everything they sell. So, just pass on those. And remember, the last day, you can bargain. Good luck!

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        • Oh wow, those are excellent tips. Thank you for those! I’ll try to go on the bargaining/last day. Love that idea. Plus, I bet at estate sales there are some amazing, unique pieces!

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