Last Minute Christmas Countdown Calendar

The grocery store used to have Christmas countdown calendars right by the checkouts and every year I would see them on my way to the register and toss one in my cart. You know, the kind with the little doors you open and there is a chocolate inside.

Well, the past two years, they haven’t had them next to the check outs, which means I don’t see them, haha, so they do not make it into my cart. Last year it took me about a week to realize we didn’t have one. Luckily, I was able to pick up something a bit different at Aldi that worked.

This year, it took me approximately 3 weeks to notice I had not purchase a Christmas countdown calendar. Oops. So, a few days ago, I looked up DIY ideas. I came up with one on my own, which I thought I would share, in case anyone is in a similar boat.


  • cardstock/ poster board
  • wrapping paper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • numbers for the dates left until Christmas
  • small paper squares to write the instructions on
  • small gifts, treats, or whatever you choose


  • Count the number of days left until Christmas
  • Have that many small gifts or treats
  • Write instructions on the small paper squares
  • Make or cut out numbers for the dates left until Christmas
  • Make or cut out something to use for the ‘doors’
  • Assemble using tape to the cardstock/ poster board
  • Wrap the small gifts or treats
  • Put individual numbers on the wrapped gifts

To put some personality and choices in it, I wrote the instructions as “choose a number between 1 and 5” “choose a number between 1 and 4” etc, under the Santa doors. That way my kiddo can choose whatever number he wants and then he gets that corresponding gift that day. I will have to change the numbers on the gifts daily to accomodate the number of days left.

When I created this, we only had 5 days left until Christmas. I spent about $12 at a dollar type store for the supplies, including the gifts. Next time, I would probably put the tape underneath the numbers and daily instructions, but this worked in a time crunch.

Christmas countdowns seem to be fun whether they are made for kids or adults. In fact, I found some cool links to share, if you are interested in more of an online style of a Christmas countdown:

And, there’s even a super cool one where you can get an elf name!

Maybe next year the Christmas countdown calendars will make their way back to their spot in front of the grocery store checkout lanes, but now I know that if I get myself in a pinch again, I can definitely make a last minute one myself.

Jeweled Again by Jessica~last minute Christmas countdown calendar
Jeweled Again by Jessica~last minute diy Christmas countdown calendar
Jeweled Again by Jessica~diy countdown calendar and gifts


  1. What a fun idea!! My daughter got my grandson an Advent calendar that was made my the Matchbox cars. Each little window has something to do with a car track…sometimes he gets a car, but one morning all he got was a cone and he wasn’t so thrilled with that!

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