Maybe Skip This One Carissa

Carissa at Humbly Homemade and I are having a gift swap! I finally got her piece done (about 5 minutes ago) and I want to show it to you, with a little how-to, in case you’re wondering how to do something similar.

Step One:

  • Choose canvas size: I used 8×10
  • Choose horizontal or vertical: I chose horizontal
  • Paint the canvas: I chose green because it feels earthy and grounded

Step Two:

  • Choose jewelry pieces to create a letter: I chose pieces from 2 different statement necklaces
  • Glue the pieces on: I use a nontoxic white craft glue
a jeweled C in Step Two

Step Three:

  • Add other jewelry elements if you’d like: I added a butterfly made from statement necklace pieces for wings and the body is part of a rhinestone bracelet
Step Three I added a butterfly

Step Four:

  • Add other embellishments: I added words and glued them on
Step Four I added words to make her piece unique

Step Five:

  • Add trim or flowers if you’d like: I was looking for a layered look, so I piled on the sunflowers. I used hot glue for them.
Step Five a floral touch
Step Five more flowers

Here’s the final piece:

my blogger gift swap piece for Carissa at Humbly Homemade

I think it’s very sweet.

My goals for it were something garden-y, personable, layered, flowery, and joy filled. I hope when she sees it, it brightens its space, wherever it’s placed.

This is the 2nd blogger gift swap I’ve done. Super fun!

Thanks for reading!


© COPYRIGHT 2022 Jeweled Again By Jessica

** photos taken by me


    • Hi! Thank you so much! The green was a sea blue + yellow combo. It made a nice green. Thank you, I think the C is pretty. I’m thinking of trying personalized items just to see how they do. Names and things. I appreciate your comments. Thank you!


    • Hi. Thank you- those statement necklaces when they were whole, were really beautiful. I thought her initial would be nice to do. On the butterfly, I couldn’t decide how to do antenna- draw them on or find some rhinestones or paint then on. Then, I stuck that tiny sunflower on there as the head. BUT, after your comment, I looked at it again and it looks like a flower on a stem! I love how you catch details. The words I get from an Etsy shop that ended up being only 25 miles from here! Out of over a million Etsy shops, I accidentally found one nearby! Ha! Thank you for your kindness about my art. I appreciate it.

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      • You are welcome. I just find the jewelry you choose to work with quite fascinating repurposed, when I cannot envision wearing it as jewelry–at least right now! Your comment just also shows that the really good art allows us to interpret what we see. When a piece speaks to us differently, that is art. If you want to tell us what to see or think or believe…well, that might be propaganda, no?

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