Sparkly Balloons

This morning I’ve been working on a gift for Kim. She likes hot air balloons, so I made a 2 piece set. The glue isn’t dry yet, but I wanted to show you. I think they’re going to be very pretty.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


sparkly balloons for Kim


  1. They’re really pretty. Yesterday I was going through my jewelry box to find a bracelet to wear. I grabbed a pinkish one that I hadn’t worn in a long, l o n g time. When I went to stretch it over my hand, the whole thing broke apart. The elastic band holding he rhinestones together was so old it had no more elasticity. I thought about you as I picked up the little pieces thinking you could probably do something fun with them. 🙂

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    • Aww, thanks for thinking of me and oh no, about it breaking. If it’s something you love, it could maybe be restrung on new elastic. Thank you, these were fun to make.

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    • Hello, thanks so much, I appreciate that. I love making all these different things. Up next is an angel.

      I need to box up and mail your church. Haven’t done that yet… But, I do have several gifts nearly done now. Yours, Michelle’s, and Kim’s. Janet’s is started. ❤️

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      • Jessica, as I’ve said before – no hurry at all to mail the gift. Even if you take a really long time or never mail it, I still treasure how you made it for me. And I will still be your blogging friend. The thought is what counts!

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