Paint Party Lessons

Last night was our painting party by the pool. I just have to tell you, it was a beautiful evening.

There’s just something about art and friendship. It’s hard to explain. Art can just draw you in, if that makes any sense.

I hadn’t seen two of my friends for two years! Two years? Seems ridiculous now, writing it, but with the ‘stay at home’ orders of 2020 and the ‘lives getting back to normal’ of 2021, two years seems like a blink.

What brought us back together? Art.

I hadn’t seen another friend in a year. Life is busy. We text and things, but the face to face seeing has been a year. What changed? The idea of getting together to paint, aka art.

Same with another friend I hadn’t seen since April.

Art can be a bond, a sisterhood almost, a connection, an ice breaker, a calling, a ’something in common’, a home base, a meeting point, a random Monday after two years get together, and art can be a lesson. Last night, I learned many.

The artist was the perfect fit. Bubbly, funny, and her teaching style flowed well. She quieted the ”I’m not doing this rights” and was genuinely excited about our work.

Her reminders of ’not comparing’ reminded me of it’s importance in creating art. It could be easy to climb upon the ’so and so’s is better than mine’ train. But, that train wasn’t even in our station.

It definitely was a fun night, but for me, it felt like more growth, as an artist. She taught how to hold the brush and how to use the wrist for strokes. She taught us how to quickly dismiss the I cant’s, and just trust our instincts.

I think my favorite part, was learning to paint in layers. A little paint here, some more paint there. Because, in that process, mistakes are made. Mistakes???

Oh no! Not the dreaded mistakes!

Seems like the last thing we as artists want to do is mess something up! It’s easy to get in the mindset of no mistakes in art, but last night brought with it a new perspective.

Having too much paint on the brush is allowed. Soaking up my entire paper towel with extra water and paint is accepted. Adding colors that aren’t on the original piece is a-ok. Not getting everything just so? Totally doable!

Laughter, paint on my shirt, food, wine, conversation, old friends and a new one, lessons learned, letting go, those are what a simple painting party brought.

My goodness!! All of that? Sign me up for another one!

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a wonderful day.


my hummingbird I painted
paint party food
I drew this for the party
we learned to paint 3 flowers and a hummingbird


  1. Your hummingbird turned out fantastic! I attended a paint night with my cousin several years ago. It was lots of fun. I think maybe I’ll attend another this winter, as our South Texas resort is about to make them an annual event.

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  2. I’m glad you had fun and I love the hummingbird! I’m a writer and it’s so hard to break out of the “I’ll never be as good as (insert name)” mindset. I’m trying to learn to focus on just being the best version of me that I can be.

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  3. How lovely! I have a special friend I do these things with. It’s not about the product – those are in the attic – it is about the experience, the connection, the creativity, and the laughs. 💖

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  4. What a fun idea and your painting is beautiful 😍 time goes by so quickly and keeping in touch with friends can be difficult. It is great when you have friends that even though so much time has gone by you can pick up where you left off.

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    • Hi. I completely agree- time does go by so quickly. Busyness seems to fill in the cracks sometimes and it can be awhile until we see our friends. Love what you said about pick up where you left off- yes, that. Thank you- it was pretty freeing to paint that hummingbird. Part of me was saying “that’s not right” but doing it anyway was super fun. Thank you for your comments.


    • Hi. What you said fits perfectly. A joy, indeed. Thank you- the teacher broke it down into many steps, some lines here and dabs here and somehow it became a hummingbird. Love that.

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  5. What a fun evening! Your hummingbird turned out beautifully! Have you ever heard of Bob Ross? A famous quote of his (with regards to painting) – “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

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    • Hi Betty. I forgot all about that saying! Thank you. Good to remember. He was such an uplifting artist. I loved that show. Thank you- I wasn’t quite sure in the beginning if I could pull off a hummingbird. But, the way she taught it was pretty unique. Lots of long paint strokes for the body and wings. Small dabs of paint for the feathers. The eye part was a bit intimidating, but ended up quite nice. She taught us that white can enhance and black can cover unwanted spots and tighten up loose lines. Lessons I will carry forward. It was a great time all around. Thank you for your words and for reading.

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