100 Mile Yard Sale Day

We’ve been spending our Saturday at a 100 mile yard sale. It started on Highway 25 in Kennett, MO and ends in Jackson, MO.

It’s our first time doing a multiple town yard sale in one day. Honestly, it’s been super fun. I had no idea I’d see toilets for sale or a drinking fountain. We saw a 1950’s bicycle, a church alter table type thing, and I saw an exercise bike like my grandma used to have!

Jewelry is what I’ve been looking for. Most of what I’ve seen has been priced pretty high. In fact, between towns, I checked my eBay account and had an offer from a seller for 3 J Crew necklaces. Took that offer. 🙂

At our last stop, I found 2 really cool pins, an angel with a letter and a moon with stars. They are super sweet. The angel was $2 and the moon was $5. Score!!

Pretty cool way to spend a weekend. Hope you’re having a great weekend, too.


pins I got today
never know what you’ll see at a yard sale
my grandma used to have one of these
a 1950’s bicycle we saw


  1. There is a 100-mile yard sale between North Carolina and Virginia each summer. My niece and nephew’s wife have always done it, but I suspect this year I will be helping since we have lots of my mom’s stuff to sell (she has Alzheimer’s and we recently sold her condo.) The people are usually really nice, so it will be fun.

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    • I’m sorry to hear she has Alzheimer’s. ❤️

      The shopping side was fun. We saw so much stuff! North Carolina to Virginia sounds really cool. I hope you do really great if you work the sale. People around here are really nice, too.


    • Hi. Oh my! I can see why he’d like it! The variety of items is huge. I guess this event is in something like it’s 24th year. Pretty cool. We just reached the end and stopped to sightsee at a covered bridge. A wonderful day.

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