Recycled Jewelry Makes Beautiful Art

My current and favorite kind of art to create is by using old jewelry, paint, paper, and fabric.

For example, this A art is a rhinestone pendant, a recycled frame, some fabric, and a flower I glued on.

this is a recycled piece I made

Small trinket boxes and mini art are other things I love making.

some of my art pieces

At first, I was buying what’s called ’junk jewelry’ lots to use. They usually consist of earrings without matches, pendants without chains, rhinestone pieces, bracelets, and things.

I have made some beautiful art from junk jewelry, but I haven’t bought any lots lately. I’ve actually found some amazing necklaces that have several pieces that are attached with jump rings.

After taking them apart with pliers, I can make some unique groupings of art. Here are some of my recent necklace purchases.

a necklace I bought online
a J Crew necklace I bought to make something with
can’t wait to make something with this
a flower necklace I got

This one is I absolutely love! It is a cut glass necklace, vintage. I am going to do some custom art pieces with it.

cut glass necklace I will use for custom art

So far, I’ve had the best luck finding these types of necklaces online. I have looked for them in flea markets and antique stores, but haven’t seen any. eBay and Etsy shops have a pretty good selection, if you are looking for something similar.

What I love best about layering all these things together is, recycled jewelry makes beautiful art.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love your craft idea . I love doing arts and crafts also, I was on a Resin kick for a while – lately I have been Lazy! Lol if your have a Dollar tree near you check them out – I have been so lucky finding good crafting stuff there, during this past year or so.


    • Hi! Thank you so much. Ooo, I’ve never tried resin before. It makes such beautiful stuff. I understand lazy, too. Sometimes craft breaks are nice. We do have a dollar store nearby. They have some pretty cool stuff sometimes. Even easels and things for small canvases. Even the small canvases, ha ha. I appreciate your comments, thank you.

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