Craft Show Lessons

Oh my gosh, you guys, I think I’m figuring this craft show thing out a little! I’ve been reading and researching how to set up a booth, how to have a successful show, etc.

I’ve read some amazing things about creating displays, branding, how to choose colors, how to lead the eye from product to product, and even ideas on how to turn a 10×10 space into a comfortable place for a customer to want to enter, but honestly, it’s a lot of information to take in.

It kind of left me not knowing where to start. So, after sitting on all those ideas for a few days, and really seeing what resonates with me, things came more into focus.

For instance, instead of trying to perfect every single thing I learned, I’m going to do what’s doable for me. Here’s what I came up with:

* Branding?

Do I need to? Even in a tiny town, at local craft fairs? My heart says absolutely yes!!

You would not believe how this has helped me narrow down what I want to create and why!

* Color Theme?

Do I need one? I think so. My first craft show had a color theme and it felt like a natural sort of place to be. My second craft show had zero color theme and I think it had a hand in not knowing where to look.

* Displays?

How do I do the displays suggested without having to spend lots of money?

I spent hours looking online at display racks, mannequin type things for jewelry, wooden crates, etc all with the idea to get the products up off of a flat table. Then, I looked around my basement! (More to come on that in another post.) Bottom line, I figured out things I can use, that will look really great!

* 10×10 a comfortable space?

How can I pull that off?

Well, for starters, my local farm store has tables for sale. I’m hoping to get two of those. They are six foot tables which will easily fit in a 10×10 area. I’m going to set them up in my basement and practice my booth to see what works where and why. Then, I’ll show you.

Lastly, after reading about branding, it really got me to the heart of the matter. I didn’t read anything about this specifically, but it helps put the why in my art.

Remember in the movie Jerry Maguire, the mission statement? The purpose behind doing what we do? I came up with mine, while doing all this research.

*** I’d love for my art to really connect to someone, for whatever reason they happen to see the beauty in it. I’d love for my trinket boxes and mini canvases to empower whoever needs it, when they walk into my booth. I’d love for my art to bring joy to someone after they take it home, when it’s made it’s home on the wall or dresser. Also, when a piece of my art is given as a gift, I hope that the person opening it, smiles. All in all, I’d love for my art to bring happiness, wherever it lands. *** Pretty cool that all that became clear.

I’m off to get tables today so I can practice. I have another craft show in three weeks!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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