Creating What We Love in Art

If you saw my post the other day, Why Not Art, I told you that I have a favorite piece of art that I made and that the canvas board warped, making it not sellable. I was a bit nervous to make more and put them out into the world.

Why? Because art that we love is all about vulnernability, you know? The vulnerability of creating something close to our heart space, the something that we, as artists, love. Then, sticking it out in front of the eyes of the world. How will it be perceived? Will anyone see the beauty of the piece as we see it? Will it get a glance even?

Well, Friday, I did make two more versions of that favorite piece. As I worked on them, I felt my heart give way to the “expected outcome” and turn to inner self expression instead. And, really, isn’t that what art is all about? Essentially, talking through mediums, whether with a paintbrush, some clay, words on paper, a camera, etc, or a song?

I took those two pieces to the craft fair yesterday. And, I still have them, BUT two incredible things happened:

  1. I TOOK THEM. (Incredibly brave move, I thought!)
  2. I overheard a gal mention to her friend that the brunette one reminded her of an angel piece she’d once seen or bought. An angel piece??? Hello! I LOVE angels. No higher compliment than that!

So, here they are, with the original piece at the bottom.

Jeweled Again by Jessica~my piece that reminded somone of an angel
Jeweled Again by Jessica~ the blonde version of my favorite piece
Jeweled Again by Jessica~ the original I based my two new ones on

So, what’s the big deal with this piece? What do I see in it that probably no one else does? It’s a piece about home. An old home, or a new one. Seeing it from afar or up close. It’s a grandparent’s home that was pushed under in an Iowa cornfield, or a childhood home that sold to someone else. Or maybe it’s a home that someone hasn’t quite gotten yet. And, a field and a sky and flowers. It’s a home of possibilities, of memories, of things to come.

When I was making it I listened to that Miranda Lambert song, “The House that Built Me,’ and even though I’ve heard it many times, I still can’t get through it without tears. And, that to me, is art.

Last year I read a book about vulnerability and whole hearted living that really touched my soul. I think it really helped bring my art to light. It’s called, “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.” by Brene Brown.

Here’s to creating what we love in art and letting the world see it, even if we are afraid. Because, really, it may be the exact thing someone needs to see, whether they buy it or not.

Thanks for spending part of your day reading this. Means a lot!



  1. Oh yeah, a lot of people underestimate just how vulnerable it is to share your creative work, be it a video, an article, or a piece of art. So I think that’s a very legit obstacle in the creative field.

    But like you said, you actually showed your art somewhere, and that’s brave while being practical at the same time! Because I’m sure you don’t want to be posthumously discovered, and I’m sure you’d like to affect others through your art while still being able to experience it, so I respect you for taking the actions you need to get your work out there.

    Keep on keeping on, and here’s to always creating and sharing our work!

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    • Hi. I know I keep going back to The Artist’s Way, but one of the things I got from the lessons in it is that even if/though creativity from the heart space may be a bit scary to show someone, it’s worth it to try it anyway. It’s kind of like spreading kindness. We really never know how kindness may resonate with someone. Art can be the same way, I have found. Thank you for your comments. You hit on something pretty important. I would like to be around when something I created connects with someone. Great point. I think that is why doing the craft shows in person is so wonderful. Can see and hear the feedback right there on the spot!

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    • Wish there was a love button like on other platforms! Thank you. I don’t know that I’ve ever received as high a compliment about my love of art as that. Bless you! How is your new lil place treating you? Getting used to town?

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      • Well, I am glad you loved my sincere comment. I am getting used to town. There are many perks . . . .but the country life is harder and more beautiful. There is a lot to love in life and I keep discovering different things to love. thank you so much-love always, Michele

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