Creating Art to Start

Hi. I’m Jessica. Welcome to my blog.

Who am I and why would you want to read this?

Well, I am just someone who loves to create art. I’m a mom to an amazing kid. A wife to a hard working husband. A friend to some really incredible humans. I started an art club once. I held art events for kids. I am not an art school graduate. In fact, I have never even been to an art school. But, I’ll tell you this, in my journey to discovering that I actually can make something meaningful for myself or someone else, I found the artist in me. I just needed to start. And, that is the tricky part sometimes, isn’t it? Beginning. With a blank page or blank canvas, it just sits there.

I decided to create this blog as a way to show you how I started making art, so that if it’s in your heart to do so, and you feel, well sort of stuck, maybe you’ll try it. Trust me, I have been there! I’ll share books I read, ideas I tried, and the reasoning behind the name Jeweled Again by Jessica. The inspiration, all the reading, and resources I used to get past blank canvases will be shared as well. Plus, the super fun stuff. The creating and where to get supplies. And, also, I will talk about understanding what an amazing tool art can be.

I am glad you’re here. Maybe you’re like me and love seeing the beauty in bits and pieces of sparkly things. This blog is a home for my art. And, in writing here, I hope to spark some ideas to help keep you creating if you already are or to help you start creating if you’re not.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Original Art by Jeweled Again by Jessica


    • Hello, sweet one. Thank you so much. Loved making those. There’s something about a heart!! It was fun to see people get them for their loved ones. Made my heart all fluttery!

      Thank you for the follow. You are number 3! Hope you are doing well, Francesca!


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