Keep After Your Dreams

Last night I posted a story on my social media page and I decided to share it here as well because it has a good lesson in it.

A couple of months ago, someone told me that my booth at the resale shop wouldn’t do very well.


After I got over the shock of such a remark, the question of ‘how do they know?’ kicked in. How could someone who’s never even been here, never stepped foot into the shop have any idea about how I could do?

Yesterday, that statement was proved wrong! I went into the shop to put some more things in my booth. I had actually forgotten all about the sales part, when I found out my booth did quite well!!!!!

Some purses, boots, books, and jewelry added up to a nice sum! I turned right around and bought some items from the shop.


To support the shop owners who give me the opportunity to be in such a supportive space and to buy from people just like me who are filling shelves with fun stuff, hoping it gets noticed.

Whoever wandered into my booth and found something you loved, thank you so very much!

As I mentioned in my post last night, it really is true what they say about ‘words’ being able to make or break someone/ something.

And, sometimes, as artists, we have to push those words aside, squeeze some self confidence in, and choose ourselves and what we are doing instead.

HUGE lesson for me! Especially as someone who’s getting ready to open an Etsy shop. A year ago, a comment like that would’ve shut me down. Now, though?

I say, “Ha! We’ll see about that!”

Keep after your dreams, friends. We can do this! I believe! ❤️

Hope you have a great Thursday!


items I bought after I found out my booth did well



  1. I’m so excited that it’s going well and people are buying, but not surprised. By the way, I framed the two hot air balloon pieces you made me and am trying to decide where to put them. I have two possibilities picked out and haven’t been able to decide.

    And those who criticize the loudest, generally know the least. We don’t listen to those folks.


  2. What an inspirational message! When I had my craft business people would tell me my items cost too much and other booths sold them for less. My times were under $5.00 and one item I sold for $1.00 that took me 20 minutes to make. I made .50 on the item. I think she was looking for free items which I kindly said go to the other booth.


  3. Good for you! I’ve never understood why some people have to be so negative. That’s the sort of thing that really takes the wind out of my sails. It has taken me a long time to learn to trust myself.

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