Sunflowers (Maybe Skip This One Christine)

A few days ago, in a post called ‘Gift Exchange, Summer Style’ I told you about how Christine at Bottoms Up Orange and I are doing a gift swap.

She sent me a crochet kit and some beautiful things and I got supplies to make her a sunflower.

chalkboard I got for a sunflower project
beads I got

From reading her blog, I think I got somewhat of an idea of some things she might like such as: layered, a little boho, earthy, unique, a bit of whimsy, and maybe a smidgen of retro.

I started with the plain black chalkboard. Then, I glued on the silver flower center. Next came the beaded petals. Those were fun. You just draw the petal shapes in glue, then start sprinkling in beads to fill up the glue.

I started here
then added beaded petals

Sunflowers are layered, so I cut out felt petals to fill in the beaded petal gaps. A paintbrush dipped in tacky glue worked well for adding the felt pieces.

felt petals

I tried something I ended up not liking at all. Eeks. That happens, you know? Sometimes we try something we do not like. However, it ended up being a pretty cool recovery.

See that paper with the rose on it? That went there instead.

paper added for a layered look

Using jewelry pieces, I added a sunflower to the paper area and the frame. I also glued a butterfly to a petal.

sunflower I made out of beads and a rhinestone necklace part
sunflower brooch I added to the frame
butterfly I added to the petal

Now that it’s finished, I find myself going back to the things I thought she might like and see if my piece includes any of them.

  • layered – yes!
  • a little boho- yes!
  • earthy- maybe…
  • unique- definitely!
  • a bit of whimsy- oh yeah!
  • a smidgen of retro- indeed!

Lessons learned?

If we try something we don’t like, we can try something else until we do like it. Because sometimes those are the moments where we learn to trust ourselves as artists. If we stick with something rather than tossing it, I believe that it helps keep our creative ideas growing.

I also learned that what I do create with jewelry and beads is truly one of a kind. Same for you! There are zero pieces exactly like ours anywhere in the world! Can’t go to the store and buy this exact piece or anything even close. That’s actually an amazingly cool realization.

Here’s the finished piece:

Sunflowers I made

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. So glad I waited to read this until I received my gift….I was so surprised!!!!! It’s beautiful! It’s absolutely perfect! You got me so right with the boho, retro, etc, etc…my daughter and I laughed. I would never have known that the rock was a mistake cover-up because it’s one of my favorite accents! I’m going to stare at it a bit more to take in all the details, and then find a pretty spot for it where I can see it everyday! Thank you so much Jessica, your ‘jeweled again’ is the best!!!!! 🌻🌻 Christine-BUO

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    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Hello!!! I’m so happy it arrived!! I’m so happy my first idea didn’t work out in that corner and that the layered paper idea showed up. It definitely was more ‘you’ if that makes sense. It fit the piece better. The first attempt was the word ‘inspire’ with beads around it. It was pretty, but it didn’t feel right, so off it came. There was wet glue there- then the paper idea showed up. ❤️

      I loved making it and combining different elements. When my son saw it, he said, ‘that’s yellow!!!’ from across the room. I knew then that it was perfect. 🌻

      I’ve only made one other sunflower. It was wayyyyyy different. It was pretty and unique. Yours has a lot more color and personality. I LOVE seeing yours at your house! It looks amazing there!!!

      We’ll have to gift swap again sometime. Just because! It was truly fun. I loved doing it! 💗💗

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  2. Beautiful creation and I enjoyed your details of the process. I loved your comment, “If we stick with something rather than tossing it, I believe that it helps keep our creative ideas growing.” So many times I’ve been tempted (in frustration) to toss something I’ve been working on, but perseverance and trying a different approach has paid off. Thank you for a great post!

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    • Hi. Thank you so much!! I love what you said about trying a different approach. I think it’s relatively easy for me to want to just toss something and start over… it’s the sticking it out, that I think is improving my skills. I also love your word choice- perseverance. Yesssssssss, that. Seems like artist self esteem is built a little at a time. Art can feel really competitive at times, so any amount of self confidence we can gain is always going to be a plus. I’m learning to trust myself and my creative instincts. Even when they are different than usual. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you!!

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    • Hi. I love that you work and nature and that you love the flower jewelry. There was that clear glass daisy, that red flower that time, and this sunflower. This sunflower is so unique because it’s one solid metal piece. I hadn’t seen one before.

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  3. Wow, really unique! I am not sure when I will “get a round tuit” but I had an idea inspired by you while sitting on my front porch that I think might work. If you see a post on it, you’ll know!

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    • Good morning!! Thank you so much! Good eye for catching all the details. The Love, Hope, Trust were pieces from a bracelet my sister gave me. The stem is a necklace. Love that! The center was a ring that was in a box of stuff dad got for me. The butterfly was from a bracelet my sister got me, too. Fun pieces. Thank you for your kindness!! I hope she likes it!

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