Gift Exchange Summer Style

We made it back home from my dad’s and Iowa on Sunday. It’s a long drive and I decided to do it in one day. We left dad’s about 3 pm and I pulled in our driveway at 11:17 pm. Whew, we were happy to be home.

After walking into the house, I spotted a big box on the table, addressed to me! Ooooo, I got excited.

Remember a couple of months ago when I was making a few gifts for people who were so kind to me about losing my momma?

Well, a ‘new to me’ blogging friend asked me if I could make her a sunflower and she could buy it or maybe we could trade.

I said, trade!!!

You see, she crochets and I’ve been wanting to learn how to. On her Etsy shop, she sells crochet kits for beginners. I absolutely wanted to trade.

When I opened the box Sunday night, I was stunned! There was so much beautiful stuff in there! A large bag, a scarf tied on a gift bag, yarn, crochet needles, ribbons, a book, and more.

Her site is called Bottoms Up Orange and her name is Christine. You know how WordPress will pop up ‘recommended for you’ blogs you might like? That’s how I found her blog.

I clicked on it. And, I read and read and read. And, then, more artist parts of me began awakening. She sews. I used to sew! She decorated her desk with paper art. I LoVE paper art. She creates her own clothes patterns. I have a notebook full of skirt designs I drew that I’d love to make.

Many things in common. I’d told her she’s inspired me to start sewing again. Guess what was in my gift? Fabric, buttons, needles, and some accessories. How cool is that?

There’s a book in there, too. It’s about how to crochet baby stuff. My friend just had a baby a month ago. It’d be so cool if I could make him something.

She even sent me instructions on how to make a granny square. My cup runneth over. In fact, if I had ten cups, they’d all be running over.

the gifts I got from Christine
a sample granny square, book, crochet needles, beautiful yarn, and card from Christine,
the stickers on the card are from her daughter
the scarf, a pom pom, and buttons
and things that Christine sent, even TEA
fabric, sachet, gift tags, and a flower barrette
were included in my gift

Up next?

My turn to get a gift together. The chalkboard and beads I ordered for her sunflower were here when I got home, too.

beads for my sunflower project
a chalkboard and stand I ordered from Etsy
a small metal windmill I’m going to make a sunflower with

On her card, she mentioned Christmas in July. It certainly did feel like Christmas while opening her gift. I can’t wait to get my art done so we can finish our gift exchange, summer style.

Thank you, Christine. This is super fun.

If you like crochet, sewing, gardening, and more, maybe check out her site. She shares really great stuff.

Hope you’re having a great day! Thanks for being here!



    • Hi. Thank you. It was fun to open. On your ‘Jewels By the Sea’ comments to me, you mentioned that ‘whatever we give out to others, we get back’- oh my, I am getting back!!

      *First, my dad and sister gave me all that jewelry.
      *Then, Karen in Iowa gave me some embroidery work of her momma’s. Her momma and I were pen pals for 18 years.
      *Esther gave me the Snow White set and then her beloved sheep set she made in 1959.
      *Christine gave me all this
      *And, a local friend texted me out of the blue and invited me to dinner

      I don’t give to get. But, it is really something when gifts appear.

      Thank you. I think this sunflower will be a bit different. Layered and loud, yet soft and feminine.

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  1. Awww you are so sweet! I’m so glad you enjoyed it all! I love seeing the pics, the granny square I made just for you, and all the fun stuff I love & was hoping you would too! Yay success! Great idea to swap, and glad the sunflower has inspired you! Christine-BUO! Just on a mission to share……😉


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