Or Best Offer

Some of you have expressed an interest in how to do the kind of jewelry art that I make. Thank you for that!

I am going to create some how-to’s and where-to’s and organize them in easy to find categories so you can find what you need according to where you are in the process.

Today, I’m going to talk about ”or best offer.”

Mostly, I buy my jewelry for art from Etsy and Ebay. I’ve had pretty good luck on both sites. I tend to lean more towards looking at eBay, because some sellers will list their price and under it, it might say, ”or best offer.”

Say I find a necklace I like on eBay and might want to get. If a seller accepts offers:

  • I can make an offer
  • when the seller receives it, they can accept
  • if they accept my offer, then I pay


  • I can make an offer
  • when the seller receives it, they can make a counter offer back to me
  • then, I get to choose whether I accept the counter offer
  • if I accept the counter offer, then I pay
  • (I think the offer can go back and forth 5 times with counter offers, if I didn’t want to accept the initial counter offer, but I’ve never done that.)

I suppose a seller can refuse an offer all together, but I’ve never had that happen. And, I’ve actually only had a counter offer once, which was on a lot of rubber stamps. I thought the counter offer was decent, so I accepted it.

When I make an offer, I try to be respectful and fair. My offers are usually only a few dollars below asking price. That way, hopefully, the seller still gets a profit and I get a bit of a deal.

Look at these new necklaces I got in the mail today! I saw them on eBay last week. The seller had them listed 5 for $20 plus shipping. I offered $17 plus shipping and my offer was accepted. Hooray!

one of five of a necklace lot I got
two of five of a necklace lot
three of five of a necklace lot
four of five of a necklace lot
five of five of a necklace lot

I’m loving my purchase! They are all beautiful and unique. See that last one? The green with the pink and orange? It’s marked J Crew. I don’t know it’s exact worth, but I usually pay $15 and up for one J Crew necklace.

Let’s hear it for “or best offer!” That $3 I saved doesn’t sound like a lot, but it could go towards a canvas or glue.

Thank you for reading. Hope your day is wonderful.



  1. Those necklaces have a lot of personality and interesting pieces. I look forward to seeing what you create with them. I also like how you make an offer that you think is fair to both the buyer and the seller.

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    • Hi Betty. Thank you. I think that comes from me considering selling online myself. During my research, I found out that sellers can have many fees. So, on top of what they purchased a piece for, they may have a listing fee, selling fee, shipping fee, and/or more… I try to remember that if I want to make an offer. Love that you said ‘a lot of personality.’ I haven’t bought pieces quite like these before. It will be fun to see where they fit. That last one, the J Crew, the orange beads on the bottom move, which will be super cute on something. Thank you for reading. Hope your trip is going well.

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    • Hi. Isn’t that great? A little over $3 each is pretty exciting. I can’t wait to take them apart- ha ha! That’s where the creativity begins. Thank you- to make multiple art pieces, it’s nice to have a variety of jewelry to choose from. Being able to get discounts here and there helps to build up supplies. I appreciate your comments, thank you.

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  2. What a nice thing to do, Jessica. I have only purchased cards from etsy, and masks when the pandemic was first here, but I do a lot of looking as I was cataloging the family heirlooms. I love necklaces #2 and #3 because they make me think of Art Deco which I enjoy–although mostly I like it in architecture. I enjoy having the freedom to explore different venues and avenues of art, so I appreciate reading about your work.


    • Hello. I understand why you enjoy Art Deco architecture! Such amazing designs. I love looking at Art Deco jewelry on Etsy, the vintage pieces especially. Love that you love necklaces #2 and #3. #2 is quite different on the back, it looks like how they used to make some of the old buttons or brooches- it’s somewhat raised. You’ve given me a new idea, actually. I may look into how to draw a building and use the jewels in the details! Haven’t tried that yet. Love what you said about ‘freedom to explore.’ Thank you for your comments. Appreciate that!

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  3. Interesting post, Jessica. I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful art you sent me. You are a creative and beautiful person. The jeweled quote is now sitting on my desk next to my computer. 💖 An uplifting quote surrounded by gorgeous sparkle. Thanks again! Have a wonderful week and may the kindness you shared with me, be returned to you tenfold.

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