A Vintage Jewelry Chalkboard Makeover

When I buy vintage jewelry for art, I try to get items that have flat backs. Flat backs are easier to glue on things like canvas, for instance.

Sometimes though, the pieces have a curve to them so they don’t lay quite right. This is where two things can come in handy.

  1. hot glue
  2. another surface besides canvas

Recently, my friend gave me a small white decorative chalkboard that she was going to put in her yard sale. It was cute and had a lot of potential. I painted it a sort of whitewashed green.

The chalkboard was exactly what I needed to be able to use some curved jewelry items I’ve been wanting to use for awhile.

For example:

I was able to use this flag
this wing finally has a home
a chance to use this gorgeous pendant
this leaf was a brooch with a curved back

I was so excited to be able to finally share these beautiful pieces with someone. Ready to see it all finished? Guess who it’s for? (Ha ha.)

a vintage jewelry chalkboard makeover

I’m loving how it turned out. Looks like I need to start watching for some more small chalkboards. They’re super fun to makeover.

Thanks for reading.



    • Wow, I am honored!! Thank you so much for using the word inspiration in reference to something I made. 🙂 🙂 I have had that angel wing about a year and couldn’t get it to work on canvas. Happy it worked on this. Hope you have a great day!


  1. Do you mean me? I love it!! What a surprise to see my name written there! I’m reading your post, slowly scrolling down and thinking I love the green whitewash, and then the flag pin, and how pretty the jewels are…then bam…I see my name! If it’s not me, that Janet is lucky. If it is me, I am blessed. 💕 Thank you. It’s perfect.


    • Hi!! How are you doing today? Thank you. It’s fun to try different pieces and see what works. Pretty eclectic piece, but they seem to flow pretty well. What are you up to? Been to the Lavender festival yet? Done anymore sewing? My poor sewing machine is gathering dust. Ha ha…


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